Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pepperjacks Deli in Laurel

With warm nights coming, Pepperjacks Deli just south of Rte 216 is a great option for an easy dinner -- delicious sandwiches and then ice cream or a shake to enjoy outside.

My current search is for interesting sandwiches in Howard County. This is a search for basics -- good bread paired with good fillings. Personally, I like rolls with a crust to them, and I'm a fan of interesting deli or an interesting twist -- rather than huge subs covered in melted cheese. Subway and Boar's Head deli work for me, but you can get them anywhere so I'm looking for one step above.

Pepperjacks delivers. Well, actually you have to go to the shop just south of Rte 216. But Pepperjacks delivers the good bread, good fillings that I want in a sandwich. Don't be fooled by the outside, which is ramshackle enough that I had driven past until I read comments from HowICook and UhOhBadDog on an earlier post. Inside, it's a cozy takeout shop that serves up mostly sandwiches, fries and ice cream. There are a few seats and a playground outside.

My Italian sandwich was delicious. Thin-sliced meats with fresh vegetables on a roll that tasted as if it were baked on site (as they advertise) even if it wasn't the best I had ever eaten. The deli was my favorite -- tasty and flavorful, but not greasy. I knew it was good after I finished when I realized that I spread on mustard, my way to spice up any mundane sandwich. Pepperjacks offers a large menu of sandwiches, and other folks have talked up the Roast Beef Signature and the turkey rueben. They also serve Boardwalk fries, which they seemed to be frying up for each individual order. We'll go back to try more.

One great hole in the Howard County sandwich world is that lack of Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches. They're everywhere in Northern Virginia. They're a spectacular fusion of French bread with Vietnamese fillings. The Chinese takeout near the Food Lion on Rte 108 has a sign advertising them, but the folks there say that was from a prior menu (and probably a prior owner). Does anyone know where to find the closest banh mi?

Pepperjacks Deli
10919 Scaggsville Road
Laurel, MD 20723

NEAR: This is just south of Rte 216 and just east of Rte 29. From Rte 216, you turn south at the light for Crest Road. Then turn right in about a block when Crest deadends into Scaggsville Road. Pepperjacks is on the left a few hundred feet from that intersection.

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BeerGuy said...

I saw a dining around DC special on DC's PBS station a few months ago and like you linked, they went to a Korean section of NoVA and had a lady explain banh mi. Seems intriguing.

I'm guessing there's 2 or 3 places throughout Ellicott City, either at the Lotte center or maybe that Korean plaza further west on Rt. 40 or even east where that other Korean grocery is. All of which you know already but just rambling.

Anonymous said...

Banh Mi is not Korean cuisine. It's Vietnamese cuisine, with origins dating back to the influence of the French.
The best Banh Mi is at Eden Center in Seven Corners, Northern Va.

Anonymous said...

The Brewer's Art of all places has a good Banh Mi on their spring menu. I don't know if it's authentic, but it's dang tasty.

betsy said...

Pepperjacks is our favorite! We love the signature roast beef.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been to the sandwich shop on Hickory Ridge next to the quickie mart?

HowChow said...

Ooooo. Anonymous, tell us more about the Hickory Ridge sandwich shop. Worth a visit?

UhOhBadDog said...

So glad you made it down to PepperJacks, and found it to your liking! Andrew and Lauren do run a terrific, family-friendly sandwich counter and ice cream stand. And while there are always the commercial chains, for us it adds to the experience to be able to support a local business. Spread the word and come on back! Now if only I could find a good frozen custard place, I'd soon be a contestant for "The Biggest Loser"... ;-)

Anonymous said...

HowChow-I think this is the place: Arirang Hill Cheese Steak at 10750 Hickory Ridge Rd

Akiko Curtis said...

Hi there -

I know that this is a late comment to add but I am enjoying your blog, savoring and marinating page by page, since I just moved here from Hawaii! My husband and I have tried many restaurants that you have reviewed and so far the tacos at RR Deli and sandwiches at Bon Fresco are one of our favorites.

In Hawaii, specifically Oahu, there are alot of Ba-Le Vietnamese Restaurants (chain) there that sell pho, banh mi's and noodle dishes. Imagine my surprise when I saw Ba-le listed in Rockville! Well, I know Rockville isn't nearby HoCo but at least it isn't in NoVa! I always ordered the tofu
banh mi and even though Ba-Le seems to be a chain restaurant, the food has always been consistent with quality as well as quantity.

I haven't gone to Ba-Le in Rockville YET, but I will when I go to the Bethesda NEX. I am hoping that the same quality of food is also at their Rockville location as well in Hawaii.

Aloha and keep up the good work!!

HowChow said...

Akiko --

I like the Ba Le in Rockville. Check out this link:

Do you think the Rockville one is park of the same chain that you knew in Hawaii? I would love a bahn mi place nearby!