Thursday, May 28, 2009

Katana Sushi Opening In Mid-June In Elkridge

Katana Sushi is aiming to open in mid-June next to the Pazani Trattoria in Elkridge, according to the Pizza Blogger who sent me an email last night with this and news about a new Indian market replacing Julie's International Supermarket.

The PB checked out Pazani for his blog, and he saw construction at the shopping center for Katana. The owner (James?) told him that they're waiting for final electrical inspections and some finishing touches before opening. The PB sent the photo of the inside. I haven't seen the new sushi place, but it may be a branch of the Katana Sushi in Clarksville.

Pazani is one of my favorite pizzas in Howard County. I'll link to the PB's review once he posts.

This shopping center is just north of Rte 100 and just east of Rte 103. To visit, exit from Rte 100 onto Rte 103 North. Turn right at the light for Marshalee Drive and look for the shopping center on the right. Pazani is in the section past the Giant. This is the same development as the new hotel that overlooks Rte 100.


Lisa said...

We saw Katana was open this past weekend and decided to give it a try.

The salad was very sub-par, mostly lettuce with a huge slice of tomato (with part of the stem on it), drenched in a huge glob of dressing. I actually found it inedible.

Miso soup was as expected.

We ordered a "special" roll, which was quite good. Our sushi dishes were just "okay" -- mine had some spicy and sweet sauces used to decorate the plate (but which didn't seem to have any connection to the sushi).

Of course, I'm sure the restaurant is experiencing some growing pains right now. But at first bite, just average sushi. A bit more expensive and less tasty than our favorites, Hanamura and Nichi Bei Kai (where the food seems more "authentic" to us).

Work in progress said...

Went to Katana last night. I was very disappointed after hearing some good things about the River Hill location. Rolls were so-so, but the nigiri was very low quality (mushy rice, very thin slivers of so so fish). Marginal but priced like a top tier sushi restaurant.

Josh K said...

My family and I have been there twice. Sushi is my son’s (age 10 and 7) absolute favorite food, so we were thrilled to have a sushi place so close to our house.

Our impression both times, including only the second day they were open, was fantastic. We loved every roll we ordered – especially the special rolls. The dinosaur roll – the equivalent of Sushi King/Sono’s Golden Roll – was absolutely to die for.

Josh K said...

They are now open (as of Monday) under new management.

I have not been there yet, so I don't know what has changed (I hope nothing).