HowChow: The Basics About The Blog (And Quick Links To See If You're Interested)

Feast at Shin Chon Garden in Ellicott City
HowChow is a hobby, and it's meant to be a fun place to talk about food in Howard County.

I generally post about restaurants and markets.  Sometimes profiles that try to introduce you to a place.  Often short items that highlight one dish or one item on the shelves.  People comment, often even on older posts, and I enjoy hearing from other people -- especially specifics like dishes that they tried or stories about their experience.

Here are a few ways to check out HowChow.

First, some posts about terrific places that you want to try:
Second, some longer posts -- even series -- where I wrote about cool finds or broader themes like "Butchers of Howard County:"
Third, some searches to show how you can use the labels at the bottom of each post to search through old entries: