Tribeco -- The HowChow Political Statement

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Above is a map of the Applied Physics Lab and the spots west of Rte 29 on Johns Hopkins Road.

This isn't Laurel.  The post office says it's Laurel, presumably because the APL folks wanted to sound like they were near Washington when the lab opened decades ago.  But it's not.

I love Laurel.  I post about Laurel all the time.  But I fought for years about describing a place as in "Laurel" when it is west of Rte 29 and almost to Rte 32.  For a long time, I just wrote "on Johns Hopkins Road" in the hopes of inspiring a few Columbia folks to wander down to try barbecue, pizza or other good food.  It's just south of Columbia, just north of Fulton.  "Upper Scaggsville" was an awesome idea.

But now, I'm declaring independence for "Tribeco" -- a new neighborhood created by an inspired suggestion by Steve for describing this TRIangle BElow COlumbia.  Kloby's, Facci, Tandoor Grill and everyone else along that stretch can be citizens on a few frontier.

Join the revolution.  Celebrate with a chili naan.  That's fireworks in your mouth.


Andy said...

That's pretty funny, not least because I work at APL. I'd recently taken to calling the are "Laurel Annex" or "Laurel Enclave", though "Upper Scaggsville" is better than either...

Jill Dorsey || Made with Moxie said...

Can the bit of Jessup in HoCo be Tribeco East? They just need to mush us into Columbia already.

Cate in Columbia said...

Sorry, when I saw this, I was confused. I thought there was another location for Kloobys I think this will not help these businesses.