Monday, April 30, 2012

Anyone Know About The La Pearl Waffle Truck?

Anyone know about the La Pearl Waffle Truck?  Lisa posted on the HowChow Facebook page that she saw an ad about a waffle truck coming this summer.  She gave a link to a Web site that looks interesting, but doesn't have any details.

You Want Local Food? HoCo Connect, Sarah and Soffritto Get The Freshest Mustard Greens

Mustard greens (photo from Sarah Says)
Great fun on the local blogs -- harvest your own greens and help save Howard County from invasive plants.

HoCo Connect posted last week about mustard greens and how the Columbia Association wants people to pull the plant wherever they see it.  That inspired Sarah Says to post the classic food blog item -- photos of mustard greens pulled from her own yard and then a recipe suggesting how to saute a little to accompany trout from Frank's Seafood in Jessup.  They're both behind The Soffritto blog where Victoria was pickling the greens last week!

I just got my vegetable seeds planted out Sunday.  I should have done lettuce and chard two months ago.  Somehow, I let things get away from me.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

HoCo Grocery Store Selling Beer And Wine -- You Know Everyone's Going Out Of Business Now

Despite the Maryland liquor laws, a Howard County grocery store is selling beer and wine!  They will sell you produce, slice your deli meats, and offer you a full butcher shop.

Who is this juggernaut?  Boarman's Market in Highland.  Rte 216's answer to one-stop shopping.  Check out the video.  Definitely check it out for the butcher, the house-made sausage, the crab cakes and more.

Hat tip to Kyle for the link.  Kyle and I don't think Boarman's has the impact of Wegmans.  We just figure people could use a light moment before the liquor board's May 1 hearing about Upstairs Wine & Beer. 

Check out these comments for a long discussion about Wegmans, Perfect Pour and more.  I appreciate people have kept it clean and professional.  And join the "I Want The Columbia Md. Wegmans Facebook page.  Ten more, and we break 1000 members.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Mango Coming To River Hill In Clarksville?

Anyone seen construction of a frozen yogurt shop in Clarksville?

A week ago, Alicyn posted about Red Mango coming to the River Hill village center.  That's a lot of yogurt for the south county when it's paired with the Tutti Frutti coming to Maple Lawn.  Apparently, they're both replacing Maggie Moo's franchises.

Any signs?  Any construction in River Hill?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Link: Halal Meat In Catonsville on 2Dudes

The 2 Dudes hit up Halal Meat in Catonsville and bought chickens, spices, cherry juice and more, according to their post from Sunday.

That sounds like a nice grocery if it has all the packaged goods, plus produce.  They're selling Indian sodas and Turkish cherry juice, so it sounds a mix of the Nazar Market in Columbia that tends towards Turkish goods and the Columbia Halal Meat in Elkridge that tends Pakistani.  Nazar is a bit larger with more packaged goods.

I love the 2 Dudes' story about getting offered Limcas by a fellow customer.  Those bottles were part of some of my sweetest memories of a trip to India 20+ years ago.  I buy them on and off just for the fun of it.

The dudes also hit up Thai Aroma in Ellicott City for egg rolls, fried rice, and parent-approved panang curry.  We share the same spirit -- check some place out because it looks interesting, get something to eat, write about it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Liquor Store Above Wegmans Will Be Large, But Apparently Still Facing Local Opposition

Unless I have the geekiest prankster in the world posting, the owner of the new liquor store above Wegmans has written a long description of his store on the I Want The Columbia Wegmans Facebook page.

Mike Smith writes that he is a lawyer who has advised Wegmans in the past.  He is also a home brewer.  I missed this post when it went up over the weekend, but a bunch of people have already commented.  He says the liquor store will be more than 10,000 square feet.

Smith invites people to attend his May 1, 2012 liquor license hearing.  I don't claim to understand local liquor politics.  He says he expects opposition.

Gourmet In Glenwood, CrunchDaddy Reviews, Cheesesteaks Cont'd, Dinner at Tino's, & More

Balsamic and olive oil at Casual Gourmet in Glenwood
Four years in, there are still new food places that I haven't even visited -- either because I haven't had time or because they're opening new.

Lisa of the Lisa B, Mrs. S blog emailed me recently about the Casual Gourmet on Rte 97 in Glenwood.  New to me, and Lisa talks up sandwiches, crepes, and the deli case amid a food and gifts store.  She sent an email about the refillable set-up to sell bulk balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I love people's comments, and I'm linking a few that you may want to check again.  Elizabeth, Matt B., AnnieRie, and others provided details about the Columbia community gardens that I didn't know.  Alicyn took an educated guess about where the folks behind Milton Inn will open the Highland Inn in Clarksville.  Sierra talked up Sharp's Waterford Farm.

And there's more, including some questions that you might be able to answer:

Monday, April 23, 2012

LaLa's Hot Dog Cart In Owen Brown (& More)

The LaLa's hot dog
The new LaLa's Ice Cream & Hot Dogs is still coming to downtown Ellicott City, but Rob hit up their hot dog stand in Owen Brown in Columbia.
As you already know, the hot dog cart is owned by Brendan Flannery who is opening LaLa's Ice Cream & Hot Dogs in Ellicott City.  Due to local ordinances, no one may put a food cart on the street in Ellicott City unless they also have an established business.

LaLa's hot dog cart
Therefore, Brendan decided to get the business going by opening his first cart in Owen Brown.  After the brick-and-mortar place is open on Main Street, Brendan plans to put one of his carts on Main Street as well.  Friday, the cart was manned by Justin McCabe, but they have a crew of people who will work it in combination. 
Of course, I had to get a hot dog, for the picture mind you, and Brendan made me a custom beauty.  I hate him for it, but I ate it anyway.  Brendan made me a dog not from the menu -- 1/4 lb beef caseless dog, with tomato sauce, pickled onions, bbq sauce, mustard, ketchup, on a sesame seed bun.   
It was great.  You have two choices: KEEP the wrapper on the dog and eat it while making a mess and having a great time; or rush home and eat it with a fork and knife, but that probably violates the spirit of the hot dog eating universe.  One thing is certain - if you pick the dog up off the wrapper and think you are going to use the bun as a vessel, you will quickly learn that those things that make you dog taste so good have also caused the vessel to spring serious leaks!
The first cart is open noon to 8 pm seven days a week at the Owen Brown village center on Cradlerock Way just off Broken Land Parkway.   Brendan told Rob that they're aiming to open a second cart this week just off Route 100 at the Route 103 exit in the park at the intersection of Long Gate Parkway and Meadowbrook Lane.  For more photos, check out Rob's Picasa page.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are You Watching Strawberries For Me?

Gorman Produce Farm says the strawberries are coming -- and they're early.  Please let me know when you see the sign change to "They're Here" or when you hear that Larriland is letting people pick their own.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Early Bird Gets The Smoked Pig At Kloby's

Chef Kloby pulls pig for the sliders
The early birds got the smoked pig at Kloby's Smokehouse.  I came back from the library just after 5 pm, and they had just started carving.  For $2 each you got slider rolls that the chef filled with meat that he pulled off the whole smoked pig they did as part of their fourth anniversary celebration.

They'd been cooking for 10 hours, and the pork was delicious.  Moist and flavorful, a perfect match to Kloby's Carolina sauce, which I went back to reload midway through my three sliders.  I got pieces of loin, shoulder, and belly with increasing amounts of fat to them.  It was a Goldilocks night where that middle cut was just right for me.

Great fun.  A delicious DuClaw's HellRazer IPA and some fun talking to the Baltimore Beer Guy, his family and other friends.  By the time that I was leaving around 6:30, the pig looked pretty-much picked, but Kloby's has so much other great food that the dining rooms were full and people were waiting in the entry.

Whole Smoked Pig Tonight At Kloby's

Kloby's photo taken from Facebook
For the record, my wife would have gone to this.  She is a fan of fun.  I'm just saying that a full roasted pig isn't a bad thing to come around when she out of town.

Kloby's Smokehouse in "Tribeco" is smoking an entire pig, and they're teaming up with DuClaw Brewing for a pig roast with craft beers tonight.  The pig roast starts at 5 pm tonight.  This is part of Kloby's celebration of its fourth anniversary.  These are the beers that DuClaw has brought along:

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Flame
  • Repent Belgian Pent
  • HellRazer IPA
  • Serum Double IPA
  • Double Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Devil’s Milk Barleywine
I'm going outside now.  Mowing the lawn will mean that I earned my roast pork.

Any Other Howard County Food Bloggers?

On a comment from today's post, I discovered another food blogger in Howard County -- Elizabeth on Fiercely Fresh.

Then drafting this post, I stumbled on another -- The Soffrito, where Victoria writes about gardening and cooking.  I loved her post about rain barrels and wondered if I could get those installed while Mrs. HowChow is on this business trip.

I try to link to local blogs.  I vividly remember nice people who shared my early posts, and I enjoy connecting readers to local blogs.  We have a nice mix of local food blogs -- some reviewing restaurants, some sharing recipes, some people writing broadly but with "food posts" noted with categories.  I keep a list in the right column.  If you're writing regularly from Howard County, feel free to email me.

My blogging advice:  1) Post regularly.  People return to blogs that update a few times a week.  2) Relax.  Regular posting is harder than you think, so just get back on the horse when you have a slow period.  3) Take photos.  They make the page interesting, and they tell Google that you're a real person.  4) Use categories.  I link to some blogs using the "food" category.  5) Get listed on HoCoBlogs.

Jessie X -- If we get a bunch posting regularly, the "food section" is going to need an extra long area like those "community" blogs.

Links: New Coffee Shop In Elkridge, Famous Dave's Renovating, More Beer For Everyone

If you have a few minutes, you should definitely check around the Web for other folks writing about Howard County food:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lotus Root At Red Pearl -- Crisp, Weird!

Lotus root at Red Pearl
The great part of vegetarian eating is that you can grab the weirdest thing on the plate and pop it in your mouth.

Lotus root comes on the authentic menu at Red Pearl in Columbia.  You can buy the roots at the Asian groceries, but the restaurant turns them into a crunchy entree.  It's crisp.  It has a light sauce.

It also looks insane.  Pale white circles with holes throughout.  They serve the sliced roots with other vegetables.  It's obvious to go with vegetarian food, but it would be a great pair with the Szechuan kung pao chicken or the spicy lamb.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Links: Wegmans Updates From Patch & Sun

The Wegmans folks met with local reporters, and there are reports on both Explore Howard and the Patch.

Discussion of the two-story parking, local products they'll stock, and how workers will park far away in the first weeks to make space for you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sign Up On-Line For A Wegmans Club Card

Excited for the new Columbia Wegmans?  Sign up on-line for their Shoppers Club card.  It's the normal grocery store bonus card, and you could have yours delivered before the June 17, 2012 opening.

You know the place will be a zoo in the first few days.  Don't wait in line for your card.

Hat tip to Alison on the I Want The Columbia Wegmans Facebook page who pointed out that you can sign up for the card on-line.

Plan For Monk's Rye Thursdays At St. Anthony's

Buy Trappist-baked bread at the St. Anthony's shrine
Marcia has been driving out to the St. Anthony's shrine near Clarksville to check for the bread baked by Trappist monks in New York.  She was hunting for rye, which they get delivered on Thursdays.  On other days, they have other varieties, but she sent the husband back two weeks ago:
As promised, pictures of the rye bread from the St. Francis shrine in Ellicott City, my husband stopped in [two weeks ago] since they told me they get rye on Thursdays. ($5/loaf)
As you can see, it looks like store-bought sandwich bread. I'd call it soft rye. It is quite good, with a nice rye flavor. I prefer the crunchy crust on Atwater's rye, but they both taste comparable.  Both taste good!! My mom prefers the bread from the shrine.  (Maybe that's good, no fighting!!)
Companions of St. Anthony
12290 Folly Quarter Road
Ellicott City, MD 

NEAR:  I think the address above is the shrine near Clarksville.  This is just west of Rte 108 and north of Rte 32.  Marcia says it is easy to find the shrine.  On Folly Quarter Rd., go to the back of the property where the chapel is.  The gift shop (where they sell the bread) is in the same building.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bon Fresco Expanding To Annapolis Junction

The Washington Post raves about the sandwiches at Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery in Columbia, and owner Gerald Koh told the Post that he has plans to open a second location in Annapolis Junction this year.

Rita Rapuano talked up the picante pork sandwich, along with the London broil and the salads.  Koh talked about he tries to make everything in house -- from the breads to the roasted meats to the chocolate croissants.  That's why I suggested Bon Fresco as the first stop on my tour for people thinking about moving to Howard County.

Liquor Coming Upstairs At Wegmans

The liquor store attached to the new Wegmans will apparently be upstairs on the second floor of the new building -- at least that's what the name suggests.

Upstairs Wine & Beer has its liquor board hearing on May 1, 2012.  That's the trade name of Columbia Wine Partners LLC, which has applied for a seven-day license at 8855 McGaw Road.  That seems to be the Columbia Wegmans site facing Snowden River Parkway.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Highland Gets New Spot From Milton Inn Owner

The owner of the upscale Milton Inn in Sparks will open a new restaurant in Highland -- the Highland Inn, reports Ryan Sharrow in the Baltimore Business Journal.

The Milton Inn sounds like a great restaurant in Richard Gorelick's review.  Chef and owner Brian Boston will open the Highland Inn this summer apparently -- outside dining, wine shop too.  If I'm right, this will be on Rte 216 just west of Rte 108.

(Hat tip to Alicyn who posted a link on the HowChow Facebook page.)

CrunchDaddy Popcorn Sells To The World From Columbia -- It's Sweet & Savory, It's Local & Fun

CrunchDaddy popcorn!!
CrunchDaddy Popcorn is the kind of company that makes me happy to write a food blog.

Food is fun.  CrunchDaddy is fun.  It's the brain child of a Columbia guy who wants to sell you popcorn -- sweet, savory, a little mix of both.  It's delicious food, a special treat, a Howard County company making sweets for you sweet locals and anyone else on the Internet.

Check out the CrunchDaddy Web site now.  Order something.  I promise you'll eat well . . . if not now than a little farther down this post.
The sample bags are sitting across the kitchen as I write this.  Let's start by sampling Movie Night.  It's just buttered popcorn, but it's spectacular.  Huge kernels.  A light butter taste that somehow has all the flavor, but no greasy feel on my fingertips. 
Quick switch to Sweet Butter Crunch.  That's a kettle corn, a little butter, a little salt, a little sweet.  That's also the base for a bunch of the other varieties.  I could devour a bowl in one sitting.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fried Chicken At Chick 'n Friends -- The Gateway Drug To Get You Into The New Family Market

Fried chicken from Chick 'n Friends
I'm still percolating thoughts about the new Family Market in Columbia, but there is no question that it's a spectacular addition if you want to cook vegetables, fish, Asian or Latin cuisines.

My first pitch to visit is a straight-up bribe:  If you try the new supermarket in the Long Reach village center, you can get fried chicken before you shop.

The Chick n' Friends takeout is a perfect spot for a good weather snack.  Order fried chicken, maybe some sides, maybe a piece of pie.  Then eat on a bench, tearing off pipping hot meat and crunchy crust as you enjoy.  I ate dinner last week before shopping for groceries, and it's just a delicious treat.  Hot, crisp outside with moist meat cooked perfectly.

I don't fry chicken at home.  I don't slice sushi.  I don't smoke meats.  These are skills and equipment that might seem simple, but they take real talent to turn basic chicken and batter into a dinner gives all the flavor with just enough oil.  That's real fried food, but not greasy.  Definitely worth a summer night or a weekend lunch -- or even a weekday lunch if you work anywhere near Rte 175.

For me, the breast is the best piece for Chick n' Friends.  The bone-in piece stays moist, and there is enough meat that I get some fried crust without being overwhelmed with fried taste in every bite.  This contrasts with Tian Chinese Cuisine where I prefer to order Korean fried chicken as wings.

Chick N' Friends
Long Reach Village Center
8775 Cloudleap Court
Columbia, Maryland 21045

NEAR: This is in the Long Reach Village Center in central Columbia. Chick N' Friends faces the central courtyard, so you can't see it from the parking lot. Easy access off Rte 175 -- just go north on Tamar Drive and look for the village center on the right. Or from Snowden River Parkway -- just go west on Tamar Drive and look for the village center on the left.  Or from Dobbin Road -- turn north (away from Target) onto Old Dobbin Road and then turn left on Tamar after you pass the high school.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Coolest Place In Columbia You Haven't Seen If You Like Local, Local Food & Tiny, Tiny Farms

Awesome gardens -- even before spring truly arrives
There is a garden in the center of the 'burbs that is the coolest place that I have stumbled on in Columbia.

If you drive from I-95 past the Target on Rte 175, look to the right at the open space near the high tension power lines.  You'll see gardens.  I had glimpsed them for years, and I finally hunted them down with the help of Google maps.

Right across from Long Reach High School is the entrance to a community garden where people grow vegetables all year round.

If you like gardens, the plots are worth looking.  Dozens of plots.  All fenced.  Some beautifully filled with black, dark soil in foot-high rows.  This is a place where people grow some awesome food.

I walked one afternoon in late February, and I was amazed at just the dirt and winter onions.  By now, the farmers are digging in for spring.  I loved the look of the place.  Each rectangle is someone's individual dream, their way of planting, their choice of vegetables, their level of order or chaos.  I assume it's a blast on a summer Saturday when all the gardeners arrive.

It turns out that Howard County has at least four community gardens, one in Woodstock and three in Columbia.  Check out the community garden Web site for information about how to get on the waiting list.

Or just go for a walk.  Remember you're a guest.  You can't actually enter a plot.  You certainly can't harvest anything.  But it's an inspiration for anyone who has a little patch on their own.  Check out how experienced people make the most of their tiny farm.

If you visit, check out the compost heap.  I can recommend how to start a little compost heap.  But this looks like a professional arrangement.  I'd love to hear from anyone who gardens at one of the community spaces.  What's the vibe?  Who keeps the place in order?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Strawberries At Larriland - Aiming For Early May

We were just wondering today how the warm spring would affect the pick-your-own schedule at Larriland Farm.

It turns out the Baltimore Beer Guy was wondering as well -- and he took the extra step of calling the farm's message machine to see what they say.  They're predicting strawberries in early May, the BBG noted on a tweet this evening.

That's great fun.  I expect early fruit at Gorman Produce Farm in Laurel as well.  Anyone know if this will carry all year?  Will there be early peaches?  Early blueberries as well?

Starbucks Opens A Beautiful Parking Lot Cafe

The new "parking lot cafe" view -- Burger King drive through with cherry trees
The new Starbucks has opened off Dobbin Road in Columbia -- replacing the shop that had been across the road for as long as I have been in Howard County.

The new Starbucks replaced the old location of Mango Grove (now reopened a few blocks south) with new construction that includes a drive-through lane.  This is just south of Rte 175 at Dobbin.

It's a nice coffee shop set between a Wendy's and a Chick-fil-A.  Small, but I'm a fan of the communal tables where people can rest, read or even work on a computer.  Unlike most Starbucks, the workers included a white-haired woman who kept a rapport with customers:  Customer: "I will have a tall blonde."  Cashier: "The men all like tall blondes."

There is also a small patio nestled against the building with a prime example of Howard County's indigenous architecture of the "parking lot cafe."  At least this weekend, you can sit your coffee with not only a view of your own car, but also the most-beautiful fast food drive through that you'll ever see.  \

Check out the pink cherry trees in full bloom.  Don't they deserve a haiku?

(Update: I fixed the restaurant name.  I thought it was Burger King, but it is apparently a Wendy's.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sausage Sandwich At Facci

Sausage sandwich from Faci
Just in time for spring, you need an excuse to get yourself a seat on the patio at Facci Ristorante.

My newest find is the sausage sandwich.   Crumbled sausage in a tangy sauce.  Nice roll that soaks a bit of the sauce, but holds it own.  House-made potato chips.  Delicious, basic ingredients make a kitchen stand out even when it is just dishing up a sandwich.

What else do you need for lunch?  Bring a friend and split the sandwich and a salad.  Mrs. HowChow likes the one with raspberry dressing.

Facci is on Johns Hopkins Road just west of Rte 29.  It's a shopping center with Kloby's, Tandoor Grill and other restaurants.  The post office says that is Laurel, but it isn't.  I have had a political position against the description.  Now I want to push Steve's brilliant suggestion:  Tribeco.  It's a triangle below Columbia.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pratt Street Ale House To Open A Columbia Location In The Old Rocky Run, Aiming For Fall

The former Rocky Run restaurant in Columbia will be reborn as a beer joint owned by the people who own Pratt Street Ale House, reports the Beer in Baltimore blog.

Look for 50 draft lines, an outdoor patio, and the name Columbia Ale House, BinB reports.  They're aiming for September.

Mango Grove Is Back, And You Should Check Out The New Location For All Kinds Of Indian Food

The open kitchen where you can watch dosa-making.

Mango Grove is back, and you should be there as well.

The Columbia restaurant closed last year when they knocked down its building to build a drive-through Starbucks.  They have reopened just off Dobbin Road, and they're back at full strength -- offering both a vegetarian menu and non-veg dishes that they used to serve at Mirchi Wok.

As I have said before, Indian is one of Howard County's deepest cuisines.  But Mango Grove offers a unique experience that makes it perfect for people who already love Indian food or who want to give it a try.

In fact, Mango Grove lets you mix and match your table across three different experiences -- meat curries and kababs like other Indian restaurants, a vegetarian menu that runs down the subcontinent into southern specialities like dosas, and an Indo-Chinese selection that shows how Calcutta merged the two cuisines.

Chicken korma and aloo baighnan
The meat dishes hold their own against Mango Grove's top notch neighbors like House of India and Royal Taj.  Each kitchen uses different spices mixtures and cuts of meat, but Mango Grove offers standards like tandoori chicken, chicken korma, and even fish curries.

When you want to branch out, work the Indo-Chinese menu.  The wok dishes were the focus when Mirchi Wok opened in the old location, but the chicken lollypops, Szechwan chicken, and cauliflower dumplings are now more of a supplement.  The Mirchi fried rice is a fun way to see how Chinese cuisine gets translated -- in the same way that Americans inspired General Tso's and Koreans inspired black bean noodles.

Then push into the separate vegetarian menu, the curries and dosas that make Mango Grove a place that we visit as much as we eat out anywhere.

Start with a curry or two -- for example, smokey pureed eggplant in bainghan bharta, rich lentils in dal makhani, or tender potatoes paired with cauliflower, spinach or cubed eggplant.  Jazz it up with bread, the plain naan most of the time but a whole wheat roti or a raisin-spiked Kashmiri naan for a break.

Then pick a dosa (or "dosai").  At the open station right at the entrance, chefs create platter-sized rice and lentil pancakes and then roll them around mixtures of potato, onion and vegetables.  You break off pieces of crispy pancake and scoop filling as you go.  I'd start with a masala dosa with its basic filling, but you can come back for variation like the Mango Grove Special, which was more like shards of crispy batter than the simple dosa pancake.

If you go with a kid who has gotten past chicken nuggets, take them up to watch the dosa being made.  That open station is a great place to show off that the south Indian standard is familiar enough to be like a pancake, but different enough to be some new.

The beauty of new vegetarian food is that you can explore without fear of what you're putting in your mouth.  At the core, dosas are rice and lentil crisps wrapped about mashed potato.  The oothappam are variations that you can top with cheese and all kinds of vegetables.  The idli appetizers are mild, steamed rice and lentil cakes that were perfect our family who can't eat spicy food.  These are all friendly foods, warm for the winter but light enough to enjoy all year.

If anything, Mango Grove has improved in its warm, earth-toned new space.  You get many of the friendly faces who used to work at the old location, but the updated dining room offers an enormous lunch buffet and a back-window view over the development's pond.  They'll get their liquor license soon, and it will be full steam ahead.

Two practical notes.  First, I recommend that you stick to curries and idli if you order takeout.  The dosas are crisp and delicious right off the griddle.  But they will soften in a takeout container.  Second, this is a great place to mix vegetarians and meat-lovers.  You each get a whole menu.  They actually set up two kitchens -- one vegetarian and one for meat.

Mango Grove
8865 Stanford Boulevard
Columbia, MD 21045

NEAR: This is the shopping center that faces Dobbin Road south of Rte 175. You enter by turning from Dobbin onto Standard Boulevard. This has Pub DogHanamuraRiverside CoffeeNoodles Corner and YogiPop.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Rumors About A New Brewery, The Next Blog Party, And Comments On Bars, Ice Cream & More

Korean barbecue at Shin Chon Garden
Time to catch on the ideas that people in the comments.  First up, the good news:  People have stepped up to help the Portalli's waiter injured trying to break up a fight at a friend's home.  Lee Biers said they raised $3,200 for medical bills.

Then the rumors.  People gave some ideas and some jokes about what is happening at the former Rocky Run.  Best rumor so far: Another brew-pub kind of place.  Anyone know when the Bon Chon Korean fried chicken will open?  Ryan and I were emailing.  Their Facebook page said on March 20 that it was coming soon.

Wegmans looking for employees
Then a question:  Does anyone have advice about how to get the authentic menu at a Chinese restaurant?  I have enjoyed authentic items at Noodles Corner in Columbia, and Yaka vouched for the homestyle Taiwanese food.  but T.J. tweeted that they denied having a second menu when he asked.  How do we convince Chinese restaurant owners that we actually want the items aimed at their Asian customers?

Then some planning:   Call Wegmans if you want a part-time job.  Kristi found them advertising in the mall.  Mark your calendar for HocoBlogs' next blog party at Second Chance Saloon on April 11.  These are aimed at bloggers and readers, and they're free and fun.

Then some blog links.  Food Nomad tried to the crepes at the Crepe Cafe next to Cafe de Paris.  Blogger FN didn't love them.  Adam grabbed tacos at R&R Taqueria.  He posted on the Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp blog that the trip was inspired by the Food Network show, even though tacos are normally his thing.

And a sample of the other helpful comments:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quick! Enter A Contest With Winnable Odds

CrunchDaddy Popcorn is a new Howard County business that sells popcorn mixes that range from caramel to sesame and ginger to horseradish and cheddar to bacon.

The popcorn gets a thumbs up from HoCoVittles, and it's a true local product.

Act TODAY, you can try to get your hands on some for free.  CrunchDaddy is running a contest through April 1.  Go to the CrunchDaddy Facebook page, share the contest post publicly, and you're entered for one of the free popcorn feasts that they're giving away.

Odds are way better than the MegaMillions!  Tastes good too.