Moving To Howard County? Read This So That You Can Find Places To Eat Well Out In The 'Burbs

Don't panic if you're new to Howard County.

You got a job.  You had a kid.  You're looking for a house.  You are leaving behind your old home -- probably in a city and definitely a place where you knew where to eat and shop.  You fear you have ended up in suburban chain restaurant hell.

Relax.  I came to Howard County for a women, not the food.  I discovered the food on weekends when she would go to work, and I drove around to replace the joints that I had left at my old neighborhood.

You can get great food in Howard County.  You can eat fancy or casual.  You can shop organic or ethnic.  You can get almost everything that you want.  We don't have the urban choices, but you can eat perfectly well.

This is HowChow's 2012 guide to Howard County -- Welcome Home.  Ten posts to prove there are dozens of places worth your time, that you can find great food all across the county.  It's written for someone new to Howard County (maybe a link you send a friend thinking about moving here), but hopefully it's useful to anyone:
This series is aimed to highlight places around Howard County.  All kinds of places and trying to repeat names as little as possible.  Once they're all up, I will re-post them in reverse order so that they read in order if you click the "Welcome Home" label.

If you want more, check out a 2009 series where I posted about What I Learned writing this blog.  There are posts -- maybe a bit outdated, but still pretty good -- on subjects like barbecue, Chinese, vegetable shopping, etc.