Monday, January 4, 2016

Second Bon Chon Chicken Coming to Arundel Mill

A new Bon Chon is coming to Arundel Mills with the Korean fried chicken fun that you already get at their Ellicott City location.

Josiah stopped the "coming soon" sign in a stand-alone building across from the Arundel Mills mall.  Neither of us knows the timeline, so I'd love to hear if anyone knows when the fryers go hot at this location.

Until then, check out all my posts about Bon Chon.  This is one of my favorite places.  The best fried chicken.  Some great Korean dishes, including the noodle dish chapchae.  But mostly, it's fun casual place where I've grabbed takeout, sat with Lil' Chow or chowed down with an entire group.  I can't recommend it enough.

Thanks Josiah.  Thanks to anyone else who could tell us a timeline for the new Bon Chon.