Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lotus Root At Red Pearl -- Crisp, Weird!

Lotus root at Red Pearl
The great part of vegetarian eating is that you can grab the weirdest thing on the plate and pop it in your mouth.

Lotus root comes on the authentic menu at Red Pearl in Columbia.  You can buy the roots at the Asian groceries, but the restaurant turns them into a crunchy entree.  It's crisp.  It has a light sauce.

It also looks insane.  Pale white circles with holes throughout.  They serve the sliced roots with other vegetables.  It's obvious to go with vegetarian food, but it would be a great pair with the Szechuan kung pao chicken or the spicy lamb.

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megantron said...

Hahaha I like that you call it insane looking. Lotus root is extremely common (I don't see why it's relegated to the "authentic" menu) and imo, hardly exotic, but I can see why some westerners might think it's weird. It doesn't have much of a taste but I love the crisp texture. I'm not a huge fan of Red Pearl (I don't know why my family always insists on doing dim sum there). CAN WE TALK ABOUT WEGMANS SOME MORE