Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Early Bird Gets The Smoked Pig At Kloby's

Chef Kloby pulls pig for the sliders
The early birds got the smoked pig at Kloby's Smokehouse.  I came back from the library just after 5 pm, and they had just started carving.  For $2 each you got slider rolls that the chef filled with meat that he pulled off the whole smoked pig they did as part of their fourth anniversary celebration.

They'd been cooking for 10 hours, and the pork was delicious.  Moist and flavorful, a perfect match to Kloby's Carolina sauce, which I went back to reload midway through my three sliders.  I got pieces of loin, shoulder, and belly with increasing amounts of fat to them.  It was a Goldilocks night where that middle cut was just right for me.

Great fun.  A delicious DuClaw's HellRazer IPA and some fun talking to the Baltimore Beer Guy, his family and other friends.  By the time that I was leaving around 6:30, the pig looked pretty-much picked, but Kloby's has so much other great food that the dining rooms were full and people were waiting in the entry.

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