Sunday, April 29, 2012

HoCo Grocery Store Selling Beer And Wine -- You Know Everyone's Going Out Of Business Now

Despite the Maryland liquor laws, a Howard County grocery store is selling beer and wine!  They will sell you produce, slice your deli meats, and offer you a full butcher shop.

Who is this juggernaut?  Boarman's Market in Highland.  Rte 216's answer to one-stop shopping.  Check out the video.  Definitely check it out for the butcher, the house-made sausage, the crab cakes and more.

Hat tip to Kyle for the link.  Kyle and I don't think Boarman's has the impact of Wegmans.  We just figure people could use a light moment before the liquor board's May 1 hearing about Upstairs Wine & Beer. 

Check out these comments for a long discussion about Wegmans, Perfect Pour and more.  I appreciate people have kept it clean and professional.  And join the "I Want The Columbia Md. Wegmans Facebook page.  Ten more, and we break 1000 members.


Anonymous said...

I heard their house-made Italian sausage are great. I'll check it out and report how the neighbors liked the sausages for Cinco de Mayo.


Anonymous said...

we love their breakfast sausage links. best I've ever had anywhere! so lucky to live 3 minutes away!