Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Link: Great Sage on Black Coffee And A Donut

The Black Coffee and a Donut blog posts about Great Sage, the vegetarian restaurant in Clarksville.  The post has roundly positive reviews and great photos.

Click here for my take on Great Sage, which extols the food and especially the food that isn't trying to be meat.

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AlPal3 said...

I go to the Laurel Meat Market often for steaks and sausage, but recently I've been picking up the pork country ribs. They sell them in what looks somewhat similar to a crown of lamb chops. Most places sell them already cut up into individual ribs and while those are good the crown allows me to cook them almost like a roast on the cold side of the grill. I rub it with Jerk Seasoning and let it sit over night then cut it in two and slow roast it for about an hour on the colder side before adding the liquid jerk seasoning and finishing it up on the hot side. Then I let it sit for about 10 minutes before I cut it into individual ribs. They come out so juicy and delicious. Yum!!!