Friday, May 15, 2009

Comments About Sushi, Bacon and More

As always, I appreciate the comments, and there are several recent posts that I thought that other people might enjoy or be able to answer:

As always, thanks for the comments.


Anonymous said...

The restaurant in Burtonsville that serves fabulous ice cream is Seibel's. My favorite is black raspberry!

Pizza Blogger said...

A wild yeast strain would be one which is not commecial bakers yeast (all commercial bakers yeast is the same strain of yeast)and contains both a wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria (lactobacilli). Most people are more familiar with the term Sourdough, which actually is not a type of bread, but any bread leavened with a wild yeast.

The bakers yeast used in nearly all modern day pizzerias does not have any accompanying lactobacilli with it and the crust on such a pizza will never produce the same depth of flavor as one competently constructed and leavened with a wild yeast strain. I hope this clears any confusion.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, it's Seibel's. Thanks for the response. Ice cream is good, but stay away from the "family restaurant" part.

Anonymous said...

The sandwich place next to the Quickie Mart on Hickory Ridge is called Arirang Hill. They make good cheesesteaks on the cheap, but I like them best for the wings. They can be ordered 'hot' or I prefer their unique 'mambo' sauce. I recommend ordering the Ehson Special, which nets you a 6-inch cheesesteak and 5-wings for $7 and change. And get the fries, too. They're crispy & good and they only cost $1 with any food order!

They used to be closed on Sundays, but now offer limited hours from around noon to 4pm. They're open Mon-Sat until 2 or 3am...great for late night munchies. Definitely go check out the Ehson Special!