Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Laurel Meat Market in Laurel

I'm working my way through the Laurel Meat Market, and I'm having fun along the way.

The Laurel Meat Market is a small grocery on Main Street just over the line into Prince George's County. The produce and the packaged stuff are nothing special, but walking through puts you in the deli and butcher sections where you can find some special items.

Start with the butcher. I don't know meat enough to truly compare Laurel Meat Market to supermarkets. Certainly, Laurel butchers on site, so you can talk to the butchers and see some items that chains don't offer like freshly-ground beef, handmade sausages, and thick-cut bacon by the slice. I love the individual portions. Four slices of pepper-edged bacon beat an entire plastic-wrapped pound, and I'm a sucker for sausage -- both here and at other local butchers around Howard County. When it comes to the steaks, I like what I have had. Laurel Meat Market doesn't have the marketing of a Whole Foods or the just-slaughtered atmosphere of JW Treuth in Oella. Mostly, the steaks are on display, and I pick something for tonight's dinner. When I take the time to buy steak and grill, I pay attention to the cooking so I generally like the results.

Recently, I have bridged over to the deli as well. I started with pie. They sell whole pies that look hand-baked. Even better, they sell 99-cent slices. Perfect for me to bring home for a fun dessert. The French apple pie with raisins has been tasty. Now, I'm working through some deli meats. Laurel Meat Market roasts its own beef, and it's delicious. Thin-sliced, tasting of beef, and alternating between well-done and pink. At lunch, the market sells hot foods. I haven't been yet, but a nice review on Yelp talked up hearty, fresh, large servings and a "truck stop cuisine."

(Update: I'm now loyal to the ground chuck at Laurel Meat Market.  They grind meat into hamburger in the store, and it makes for delicious burgers, kabobs, chili, etc.  It also lets me avoid the factory-made ground beef where the grind crap and add pink slime.  Also look for fish specials like scallops and local wild rockfish.)

(Update II: You should also consider Laurel Meat Market if you're looking for a large cut like a standing rib roast.  My friend got great advice and a nice piece of meat for Christmas Eve 2010.)

Overall, I think Laurel Meat Market is a nice place if you want personal, professional attention or if you want to try something unusual on the grill. You should also check out the other local butchers -- including the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Burtonsville, Boarman's in Highland or JW Treuth in Oella.

If you go to the Laurel Meat Market, check out the Claeys Candies up near the checkout. If you are food shopping in Laurel, you should also check out the Middle Eastern groceries at Aladdin Food Mart on Main Street or the Mexican produce, butcher and groceries at the Panam Supermarket near U.S. 1 and Rte 198.

Laurel Meat Market
347 Main Street
Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 725-5855

NEAR: The market is on Main Street in Laurel just west of U.S. 1. You can get there by driving south on U.S. 1 and then right on Main Street or by taking Rte 216 east off I-95 and then left on Main Street.


Kim said...

Yay Laurel! You can never underestimate the wonderfulness of sausage. Thanks for featuring something over the line. While you're nearby, if you have a hankering for a burrito that's not from a national chain, stop at Tampico! Sure, it's in what appears to be an old Denny's. Part of the charm...

Wendi said...

Thanks for the LMM tip. They came through for me when I couldn't find what I needed at Giant, Safeway, or even Treuth.