Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick Cook Oats at Trader Joes

I go through oatmeal phases -- weeks at a time when I get myself organized in the morning to make oatmeal that I eat on the way to the train.

Oatmeal is boring.  I admit that.  The key is having a variety of nuts or fruit to mix into the bowl and even different grains to make the dishes taste different.

For weekdays, my new discovery is the Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats at Trader Joe's at Rte 175 and Rte 108.  As the name promises, they're a variation on the steel cut oats, which take 40 minutes to cook so they're weekend fare like millet or quinoa.  They're cut somehow that they cook in about eight minutes, making them a reasonable variation on the regular quick oats that I buy bulk at My Organic Market or Roots.

I know that Trader Joe's is a chain, and I try to write about the local spots in Howard County.  But TJ is really a treasure if you're looking for interesting food.

Trader Joe's
6610 Marie Curie Dr
Elkridge, MD 21075
(410) 953-8139

NEAR:   Trader Joe's is in the shopping center with the Lowes and Best Buy at Rte 175 and Rte 108.  It is actually in the separate building that backs up on Rte 108.  Down the row are a great liquor store Perfect Pour and Fatburger

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