Friday, May 22, 2009

New Brunch and Fun Dessert

Some news from Howard County restaurants:
  • Looneys in Maple Lawn has started serving Sunday brunch. I hear that it is a buffet brunch. I haven't been, but Looneys South has been filling the parking lot most evenings so I expect them to put on a good show at brunch as well.
  • Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia is running a truly creative special. Through June 15, they're running a creme brulee lottery. They have a housemade creme brulee with a dark chocolate bottom. They will hide five white chocolate versions among all the others. If you order the creme brule and get the white chocolate version, then your entire check is free. No matter how many people or what you ordered. That's fun. Iron Bridge gets more dessert orders. Five parties will get a spectacular surprise. And everyone enjoys a frisson of fun. This morning, Iron Bridge sent one of its promotional emails saying that two of the winners were large parties -- a table of seven in Warrenton and a table of eight in Columbia. The email jokes that one of the owners is hiding from his brother in order to keep the special going.

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