Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Link: Harbin Farms' Stand in the Sun

The Harbin Farms' produce stand along Rte 99 needs a zoning change to stay in operation, and zoning department staff recommended against the change, according to the Sun.

The Sun article describes the stand, which started on a family farm but which has become a stand-along business now that the Taylor family has sold most of their original land. This is just north of U.S. 70 where Bethany Lane/Old Mill Road intersections with Rte 99.


Anonymous said...

I know there is controversy over the Taylor family's plans to expand the produce stand, but I think the county should work with them and find a happy compromise. WE can't have enough local stands selling fresh produce. It cuts down on so much waste, plus I understand the family donates a portion of proceeds to HCPSS. I wish we had a produce stand open daily in southeastern HC.

HowChow said...

Anon -- This winter, I heard about Gorman Farm east of Rte 29 on Gorman Road in Laurel. Their Web site talks about the CSA program, but I thought that they also have a farm stand.