Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Great Guide To Grilling

If you'd like to learn to grill, keep an eye out for the Cook's Illustrated special edition called "Summer Grilling" on sale at Bloom and other supermarkets.

I picked up an edition even though the Cook's Illustrated magazine often annoys me with its long descriptions about the "best" ways to make a dish.  Grilling lends itself to the Cook's Illustrated style -- simple recipes, standard (not ethnic) dishes, designed for foolproof food if you follow instructions.  I'm trying to go beyond burgers on the grill that we bought last year, and "Summer Grilling" is a terrific primer of techniques -- steaks, shish kebabs, pork chops, shredded barbeque, blacked snapper and more.

Last week, I stopped at the Laurel Meat Market and bought a porterhouse because "Summer Grilling" taught me that the porterhouse contains a strip and a tenderloin.  Although this was a bachelor night, that is the perfect steak for the HowChows -- strip for me and the tender filet for my wife.  The recipe was simple and clear.  Instead of hacking the steak to see inside, I followed the precise directions, learning to start on a highest flame and then finish up over lower heat.  The steak came out a perfect medium rate.  I ate sliced meat with warmed corn tortillas from Lily's Mexican Market and a corn salsa from Trader Joe's.  Great meal, and the start of a summer learning how to grill.

If you're looking for Cook's Illustrated, check here for a photo of the cover.  If you're looking for a butcher, try Laurel Meat Market, Boarman's in Highland, JW Treuth in Oella, or Beiler's Meat at the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Burtonsville.  You can start by just checking here for my take on those butchers and meat markets.

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