Friday, May 29, 2009

Did Jesse Wong Hong Kong Re-Open?

An anonymous person wrote a comment last night asking if Jesse Wong's Hong Kong had moved because he/she saw it listed on an iPhone GPS at 9824 Owen Brown Road.

There is also a listing on Urbanspoon for Jesse Wong's Hong Kong at the same address.

Does anyone know what is at that address? On Google Maps, the satellite image looks like a residential street.

Thanks for all the comments. Please post below if you know anything.  

(Update:  David P. points out below that the owner may have registered the company at a home address.  I emailed with someone at Urbanspoon, but they collect information from several sources so she didn't know exactly how they linked the address and Jesse Wong's Hong Kong.)


Lisa said...

If you Google the Owen Brown address, one of the results is this link. Strange???

Work in progress said...

I'm pretty sure that that is a residential address. Must be some mistake.

Anonymous said...

It could be a notional "corporate offices" now that the restaurant has closed. No big deal. Probably an address owned by the owner.

David P.