Friday, May 29, 2009

Link: Pizza Blogger Visits Howard County

The Pizza Blogger has come through Howard County as part of his quest for great pizza and drinks around Baltimore.

Yesterday, the PB posted about Pazani Trattoria here and about Gateway Pizza & Subs here.   Both spots are in Elkridge.  I really love Pazani, which is just north of Rte 100, because it serves my kind of thin-crust, and Gateway on Rte 108 has gotten compliments from commenters who love the soft, thick crust and heavy cheese.

The Pizza Blogger has an entire page of reviews of Howard County places, and he is recording his own attempt to make great pizza at home -- based heavily on making dough from wild yeast cultures.  Definitely worth checking out if you like pizza away or at home.

For my take, check out this post about the best pizza in Howard County.


Fultie said...

thanks for your blog entry and link to pizzablogger - will be trying the coalfire pizza place soon.

for a recent article i just stumbled across on ny style pizza vs. authentic neapolitan pizza:

pizzablogger said...

@Fultie : Awesome link....thanks so much!

The emphasis on Domenico DeMarco getting older and what that means to the future of DiFara pizza is well placed. Dom is a national pizza treasure who shows what levels of flavor are possible with the street slice.

Some interesting links. The first a short, great interview on DiFara at EpiCurious. "secrets of DiFara Pizza".

True Neapolian pizza has really returned to NYC in force, with Una Pizza Napoletana leading the way. Some purveyors offering true Napoletana or pizza heavily influenced by it, with links...Una Pizza Napoletana, Luzzo's, Motorino, Keste and Zero Otto Nove in the Bronx's Little Italy neighborhood. Closer to home, 2Amy's in DC is worth a look.