Friday, May 1, 2009

Horchata at Lily's Mexican Market

If you explore Lily's Mexican Market, definitely spring $1.59 for the horchata soft drink that you can buy at the takeout counter in back.

The horchata is the lighter-colored soft drink running through one of the two "jetspray" machines across from the counter.  You pay for a cup, and you fill it yourself.  The horchata is a refreshing, mild drink.  It tastes smooth and lightly sweet, creamy but still refreshing.  The other drink is tamarind, a flavor that I have previously recommended in candy and other drinks although I haven't tried that specific drink yet. 

Wikipedia has an entire article that describes different drinks described by the same word.  I think Lily's version is the rice-based drink that is one of the three typical flavors of Mexcian aguas frescas.

If you haven't been to Lily's, you should definitely try Howard County's best Latin American market.  Click here for all the posts about Lily's -- including ones about chips, takeout tacos, fresh corn tortillas, tamales, and more.


BeerGuy said...

Its ubiquitous in Southern California Mexican food places. Good to see it carried in a few places out here.

Pizza Blogger said...

Horchata is indeed good. Glad to see another local place offering it.

Taco Fiesta in Baltimore, located in the Harbor East area (in same building as Whole Foods and Chiu's Sushi), has been offering Horchata for several years now.

Great updates on your blog!

Willy said...

I have noticed a Certified Organic Horchata powder drink mis being offered @ Whole Foods and recently @ Vallartas in Burbank. the absolutly best i have ever had.