Monday, May 4, 2009

Harris Teeter in Fulton Update #2

To me, the Harris Teeter in Maple Lawn looks like it should open in Summer 2009 -- not the Fall 2009 that I have seen in official announcements.

On Saturday, the store had plate glass windows that were new since our last visit on Easter. Outside, the parking lot is lined and mostly landscaped. Inside, you could see signs for the different departments, which suggests that they're deep into interior construction. People were working on Saturday, which meant Mrs. HowChow wasn't dying to snap a photo out of the car window.

Of course, I was overly optimistic about construction at the Fatburger. But I can't believe Harris Teeter wants an empty store sitting around all summer. Anyone know more? (Update: Kristin comments below that a cashier at the Kings Contrivance Harris Teeter told her Maple Lawn will open in October. That seems so far away!)

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kristin said...

i asked one of the cashiers at the HT in kings contrivance and she told me october. i'm with you, though - i think it looks like it will be ready much sooner. as a maple lawn resident i want it to open asap!