Thursday, May 7, 2009

Link: Great Harvest Bakery on GrubGrade

The GrubGrade blog talks up the Great Harvest Bakery in Columbia. Adam loves the bread, especially the onion dill rye. I have never been captivated by Great Harvest, but he loves the local feel with high quality bread: "At $5.00-7.50 a loaf it may not be your supermarket bakery price, but it sure as heck delivers in terms of taste and quality, which ultimately are the most important things."

Click here for my take on bakeries in Howard County. Check out GrubGrade for multimedia blogging -- often about casual and fast food joints -- that runs from YouTube to every social media site you would want to try.

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Cheryl said...

Give the Cheddar Garlic loaf a try...especially when it's just out of the oven... WOW!! Great Harvest always has very friendly service and offers generous samples.