Sunday, March 20, 2011

People Love Their Ice Cream - Even Chilled

We drive past Soft Stuff on Rte 40 tonight.  The temperature was 49 degrees, and the line was 20 people long.

People love their ice cream -- even on chilly nights.  Tutti Frutti looked packed as well.  Still a month or two before I update the "Ice Cream For A Summer Night" post.


Rob said...

In a somewhat ice cream related note, the building that once was Arties on 108 in Clarksville is being renovated and they just put up a coming soon sign for some sort of wellness center :(

Seriously, doesn't Clarksville have enough spas, and for that matter banks, at this point?

dzoey said...

Tonight was also the "free ice" night at Ritas. Even at 8:30 in 42 degree weather, there must have been 50 people in line.

They had vanilla ice when I got in line, but had run out by the time I made it up to the window :-(

But for free, I tried a new flavor. said...

That was probably all the people who couldn't get on the parking lot at Rita's!

Re: Arties, is that the same ice cream purveyor that used to be on Old Waterloo Rd in Elkridge?

HowChow said...

Oh! I can't believe that I missed opening day at Rita's. Mid-day, it would have been perfect.

The flavor to try is black cherry!

emkenton said...

This might be old news, but I just saw that there's a permanent sign up for a Tutti Frutti location next to Ichiban in the Columbia Crossing shopping center off Dobbin. It's clearly still under construction, as is the BGR next door (which does not yet have a "real" sign). Not living anywhere near Rt. 40, I'm pumped to have a fun yogurt option nearby!!

kam said...

Oooh, that'd be nice, actually. The one thing the Columbia Crossing/Dobbin area has been lacking is an ice cream/yogurt place. I would've thought one would have made in before burger place #4. ;)