Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bangkok Garden Sold, But Not To Tara Thai

Bangkok Garden has been sold to folks who will take over the Columbia restaurant and change the name, but not to "Tara Thai," according to a comment from Vida.
First the bad news. I've confirmed that the Columbia branch of Bangkok Garden has been sold. I went to the Bethesda location for dinner this evening and spoke with the owners. I was told that the new owners of the Columbia location are Tarin Thai, (not Tara Thai- sorry about that), out of Virginia. According to the previous owners, the new owners have been granted the right to use the Bangkok Garden name for about 6 months; after that time, they will have to change the restaurant's name. 
 Now for the good news. Bethesda isn't that far away. . . .
Anyone know more details?  I see a reference to a Tarin Thai on Yelp, but that Herndon restaurant is described as closed.  When people were reviewing, they focused on a Thai buffet.  Thanks to Vida for the update.


Anonymous said...

Found this on Chowhound.

Mdfoodlover said...

What a coincidence to see this post. We went to b.g. Last night on a whim, after nt going in over a year.
I enjoyed my meal, the salmon special with fresh brocolli, herbs, and a nice light red pepper sauce.

The "green mussels" appetizer special was not made with those big long green ones, but the typical Maine ? Black mussels, and was delicious.
My wides rice noodle, shrimp, asperagas dish was also very good.

The interior is in the midst of a very much needed facelift, and was vastly improved from the dingy run down status of previous visits.

All in all, seemed like a good change.

theminx said...

Hope they'll still offer the authentic Thai menu!

(Re: Anonymous' Chowhound post: I ate at Thai Luang in 11/10 and the food was as good as ever.)

Sue S said...

We ate here last week for lunch on THursday and it was awesome. THe new decor is so much better - without the weird curtains. Also the much needed bathroom makeover has been taken care of. My kids missed the fish tank a little bit. The food was great as usual and they made teh special stuff I used to get that was not on the regular menu. Never knew there was a "special menu", so not sure if thats still around.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have always loved the food at BKG. But last weekend I tried a takeout order with the new management. I was pleasantly surprised! The food was actually great. Must say a definite improvement, even though I missed McKay, the guy at the bar.

Morty Abzug said...

Did takeout prik khing beef from there last night. It was reasonably tasty, although not as well-flavored as I've gotten at other Thai places. But hey, they're still new.

They don't have new take-out menus yet.

Note that there appears to be a shrine in a recessed nook to the side of the bar. It's somewhat hidden; I only found it because I followed one of the employees back there.