Monday, March 28, 2011

Link: King's Contrivance On The Swim-Run-Write

Mo's book club ate out at King's Contrivance, and she enjoyed the $29 prix fix meal with seafood bisque, salmon and the strawberry shortcake.  She posted, but has no photos because she worried that the book club women would be put off by cell-phone snapping.

This, people, is why I rarely say "Can I ask some questions?  I have a food blog."

King's Contrivance is an established upscale spot in Columbia.  I have actually never eaten there.  It's part of the "Woodberry Kitchen Problem" that I have written about before.  We rarely eat at expensive places, so, when we do, we often head into the city to somewhere that we know.

If you like Mo's post about upscale dining, check out all her posts about food competitive.  On Fridays, she posts "head to head" reviews of items like bagel sandwiches, wings, calamari, etc.  Click on all her food posts and then scroll down.


UhOhBadDog said...

So glad to hear the 'King's House' is turning out good food. The home-like setting endears me. I've not been there in well over a year as our budget has been tight, but I've never had a disappointing meal there. And the Seafood Bisque has always been one of the best I've experienced (sorry to hear you had a vein S.R.W., I never have!). Will have to see if we can get back there sometime soon! Thanks!

Mo said...

Thanks for the link up! Great point about the Woodberry Kitchen Problem - I didn't realize it until now, but I think I've been in the same mindset. When we have gone out, it's been "to the city" or to Annapolis or something like that. It never occurred to me to try the KC until is was picked for book club.

@UhOh - I'm glad to hear that's not a usual thing. :) I liked the setting too, the coziness offset some of the formality (in a good way, for me).

RHfoodie said...

I'm starting to suffer from the opposite problem - I'm picking the closer places first. I've been to Woodberry, and it was good. But not that good to make the drive or plan weeks in advance for reservatin. I could make it just as well at home (service was fantastic & love the look of the place). I was at King's Contrivance years ago - sounds like from these comments, I'll be again soon.