Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aida Bistro Makes Baltimore's Best, What Else?

Baltimore Magazine's best restaurant edition has hit the newstands, but they only posted a few of the best restaurants on line.  Specifically, they posted a list of Italian restaurants -- one of eight topical lists that they made for 2011 -- and Aida Bistro in Columbia made the list.

Anyone else have the list to say what other Howard County restaurants made it?  Last year, they tapped Tersiguel's, Iron Bridge and Victoria Gastro Pub.  (Hat tip to Dining at Large.)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Aida Bistro is ranked one of the best. Been there twice - both times had horrible service; bland, poorly cooked uninspired food; way overpriced and very small portions. The restaurant is pretty but that's about all it has going for it.

P90 Noir said...

Wow - I've been really happy with Aida every time I have been there. Although lately, Facci has become my go-to Italian in HoCo.

brandon said...

I don't have the list in front of me, but I believe the only other Howard county restaurants were Tersiguels (under ethnic cuisine... maybe? I remember being surprised it wasn't under fine dining or one of the more generic categories) and Bistro Blanc and Iron Bridge on the wine bar list.

I know those were on there, but I may be forgetting another one or two.

lucky little bird said...

Tersiguel's in the number one spot in the "Foreign Affairs" category.

Iron Bridge Wine Co. in the number four spot under "Wine Bars."

Bistro Blanc on Ten Oaks Rd in Glenelg also placed (third) in the "Wine Bars" category. "Can a wine bar tucked in the hinterland of Howard County be worth the drive from Baltimore? You betcha."

Aida Bistro is number nine in the "Italian" category.

Catonsville Gourmet (while not IN HoCo) made it to number five for "Seafood."

And I think that about does it.