Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moonlight Cafe Starts Serving Indian Food

The shopping center at Rte 29 and Johns Hopkins Road just keeps getting more food -- this time adding Indian to a lineup that already runs from Mexican to BBQ to Japanese to Italian.

The Moonlight Cafe changed hands, reports Fultie.  It used to be a lunchtime sandwich places, which makes sense considering the proximity to the JHU Applied Physics Lab.  But now, Fultie reports, there is Indian food as well:
It looks to be a gradual rollout, just a few Indian items offered right now, but i'm eating their chicken tikka masala as i type this. i enjoy Indian food. Hopefully, this place works out for the new owners.
Has anyone else tried the Indian at Moonlight Cafe?  This mimics Waterloo Pizza, which added Indian (and Nepalese momos) to a pizza place.


Unknown said...

Love that shopping center because of all of the options but parking is very difficult. It will be even more difficult with the expansion of Facci.

wes said...

Went there tonight for the first time, and will definitely go back. Everything was perfectly cooked, wonderfully savory, and with a great balance of seasonings. Hubby had the chicken vindaloo--we didn't specify the spice level, so they gave us mild, and it was the first vindaloo I could ever eat, they are usually waaaay too spicy. This had a rich, almost creamy, tomato sauce; quite simple with pretty much just sauce and chicken--and plenty of extra sauce for eating with the naan! We both loved it but hubby will ask for spicy next time. I had a combo with chicken seekh kabab, boti malai, and tandoori chicken. All were perfectly cooked, which sometimes can be a challenge with kababs. Tandoori was what I expected; the boti malai was subtly seasoned to let the chargrilled flavor through; and the seekh kabab had a great texture with smoky savory spice plus and a little bit of heat that showed up on the finish. Sides were chickpeas (sorry, didn't note what kind) in a smoky spiced sauce that seemed to have a hint of cinnamon, and also had some heat that built through the bite; and eggplant that was rich and again almost creamy in texture, not spicy but very savory. We liked dinner so much we ordered a second vindaloo to bring home to augment our leftovers for tomorrow night.

Mitesh said...

I believe its call Tandoor Grill now, and it's excellent. Just went there for the 2nd time, and got the kabob mixed grill (Wes's post describes it) for the 2nd time, it's great! Hopefully more people will head there, as it was pretty empty on a Friday night (with a packed strip mall). Spread the word!