Monday, March 28, 2011

R&R Taqueria Loves HowChow Users; You Should Love Them For Tacos, Maybe Some Soup

R&R Taqueria's business card (Thanks CupcakeRN)


Sarah said...

I finally tried their soup after good reviews on here (it's hard to tear away from just more tacos!) and it was so good. Very complex tasting. Excellent.

Next stop: huaraches.

Unknown said...

They totally should! We ate from there 2 nights in a row last weekend because of the post on the hurraches(sp?) They were AWESOME!

ManduhMoonJoo said...

Just tried this place this past weekend due to the recommendations here. Got the 2 tacos and lamb soup combo. Yum. My husband who doesn't enjoy soup(its a waste of stomach space) loved everything including the soup. Also, they are very accommodating. While I was waiting for my order some people came in asking for a BLT(in a taqueria?!?!) and R&R took the order and made it. Can't wait to go back.