Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Columbia Wegmans: A Flat Space And Promises

What we have now is a blank slate where a Wegmans will one day rise.

Wegmans site July 2010
The photo above is the Columbia Wegmans site Monday afternoon.  Not much to see from the street.  They flattened the trees and warehouse since last summer when I snapped this photo through the chain link fence.  They have certainly regraded and maybe even built up an area in the center.

But they're still burying pipes, and there were just a handful of people working there.  It isn't clear to me where the store is going to sit.

There is a hearing on April 7 before the Howard County planning board.  The sign says it involves a height adjustment to the clock tower.  Last I'd heard, Wegmans was aiming to open the Columbia store in mid-2012.  (Click here for all my Wegmans news.)  If anyone hears more details, let me know.


wegmaniac said...

They are getting close to having the permit completed. Plumbing, electric, zoning, and health dept. are all approved. All they are waiting for is building review, and develop. engineering (what ever that entails). I would think as soon as they get the final two OK's, they will be going like gangbusters and we'll see things progress. It's frustrating to see things sit idle, since we've had to wait so long already for "our" store.

wegnow said...

Check out this on the HC planning board website: It shows a picture of SR Pkwy with an image of the to be built Wegmans. Garage and clock tower are closest to SRP, store on the west end of the site. I think when this gets approved, permits are not too far behind.