Friday, March 18, 2011

Apple Wine Tasting At Heyser's In Silver Spring

Heyser's grows its early peaches in a Howard County orchard on Brown's Bridge Road, but their main operations -- and regrettably all their sales -- are in Silver Spring.  That is where Kyle says you should go on Saturday if you want to try the Spencerville Red Hard apple wine.  He tasted Thursday, and you can drink at the produce stand if you go tomorrow:

A generous tasting is free, glasses are $3, and a 750ml bottle is $10. Cases (12 bottles) get a discount. I didn't get a glass but the idea of drinkin' at the local produce stand is just cool.

Great Shoal Winery in Princess Anne, Md makes the 8% apple wine (too much alcohol to be a  hard cider) from Heyser's Spencerville red apple sweet cider.  The original sweet cider is very sweet with a high acidity and makes a crisp dry somewhat sour apple wine. There's no bubbles so no real carbonation. It's unfiltered and cloudy too.

I don't drink wine so this apple wine or a sour Belgium is as close as I get to a dry wine taste. If you're expecting any thing sweet you'll be disappointed. I liked it and bought a few bottles but I'd prefer a sparkling version. Supposedly the winery is thinking about creating one.

The tasting and selling event only lasts thru Saturday at Heyser's.  The winery is looking for local retail alcohol outlets to sell the apple wine.
Heyser Farms
14526 New Hampshire Ave,
Silver Spring, Md. 20904


NEAR:  This is the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Bonifant Road.  The easiest access from Howard County to New Hampshire Ave is from Browns Bridge Rd or from Rte 29 to Rte 198 west in Burtonsville.

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