Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fried Green Tea Ice Cream At Sushi Sono

Sushi Sono in Columbia recently shifted its sushi roll lineup, but the big deal according to Kevin is the introduction of a new dessert.

Kevin used to post on the late blog Kevin & Ann Eat Everything where the brother-sister duo called themselves the Rheelyfats.  Kevin has guest-posted here before, but this time he wants to talk about something important.  How important?  Let Kevin tell you:
Monumental, stupendous, fantastic, historic, outstanding, prodigious, awesome, significant, tremendous, unforgettable, REALLY REALLY important.   
I have two children, Littlefat and Tinyfat, with a third on the way whom I have preemptively named Nanofat.  For me the new addition to the menu at Sushi Sono is, without question or hesitation, more important than the birth of each of my lipid-dubbed children. 
I can say this because none of them can yet read, and I have no plans on ever telling my wife Mrs. Rheelyfat that I have written this statement. What could possibly have me so enamored that I have placed it above my children in my heart?
Let me digress even further before I get to my point because I am being paid by the word. Every meal I have at Sushi Sono ends the same way: I order ice cream and I require other people dining with me to do the same. Sushi Sono offers the following ice creams on their menu: Tempura fried vanilla, red bean, and green tea. 
Every time I am presented with this choice, I die a little inside. I love the tempura fried ice cream at Sushi Sono. I love green tea ice cream. Why can't they do a fried green tea ice cream? Would that be so hard? Why must they make me choose? It's like having to choose which of my children I love more! I guess that's not the best analogy, since I've made it clear that I value desserts above them. 
Well, no longer do I have to chase my unicorn. Fried green tea ice cream has arrived!

And all the people rejoiced
What makes Sushi Sono's tempura fried ice cream so good?  Forget that I am a sucker for fried foods, but the combination of warm and cold, savory fried shell and sweet center, crunchy and creamy is irresistible.  Using green tea ice cream instead of vanilla (and props to Sono because their vanilla tastes like a premium variety) adds another layer of flavor.  The unique, slightly bitter, and earthy flavor of green tea cuts through the sweet.  This is what rainbows taste like.   
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