Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drovers Grill Gets Reviewed By Sun And Tales

Drovers Grill & Wine Co. is a new family-run restaurant aiming to serve classy food and Maryland wine in Mt. Airy -- well, actually not in Mt. Airy, but we'll get to that.

Drovers is certainly in western Howard County, and it got a positive review from Richard Gorelick in the Sun.  Gorelick applauded the way that Drovers uses seasonal and Maryland products, talking up a fried oyster appetizer and a seafood/linguine soup.

Wordbones also enjoyed a meal at Drovers, although he went hyperlocal in the Tales of Two Cities blog by pointing out that it's actually in Poplar Springs and just borrows the Mt. Airy zip code.  He recommends the Blank Ankle wine.

I'm a little confused by the Sun review because I swear that we saw this in Sunday's paper, but Wordbones says his wife clipped in weeks back -- and the Sun's Web site has a March 18 date.


wordbones said...

The review that MW clipped was actually published first in the Sun Plus free paper on March 17th and reprinted later in the regular paper.
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Drovers? Seems interesting but haven't made it out there yet.

Anonymous said...

Dined at Drover's last night. The Sun's review remains accurate. The fried oysters and the pumpkin bisque were fantastic. The rest of the meal was was good but not great. I think Kevan tries to do too much and sometimes less is more with good ingredients. I'm not a great fan of Maryland wines but enjoyed Black Ankle's Slate as part of the restaurant's Maryland theme. I'm hoping the restaurant makes it.

Anonymous said...

Tried it Saturday evening. Food was good - not great. Service was very sloe - kitchen backed up and many apologies. Other complaining about lack of scallops in dishes calling for them - waitress explaining how expensive they are... Strangest was the wine. Very minimal bottle list, but they seemed to have a nice selection of Maryland wines by the glass - these were never pointed out and it seemed you could not by one by the bottle. Not sure how they call themselves a wine bistro...