Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comments About Facci, Halal Foodies, And Union Jack's

The rate of comments has increased so much that I'm not keeping up as well as I did before.  (Thirteen comments on a post about potato salad!)  But I still love them.  I appreciate people's time, and I really appreciate when people can talk -- and disagree -- without devolving into Internet nastiness.

A quick link to the Sun's Facci review kicked off 25+ comments.  The worst look like plants, but Rida, K8teebug, DanaSr, Chrysalis and others gave detailed reports on their experiences.  Then YumPo and Anonymous had an extended exchange about food blogs and diner's expectations.  On the actual food, I'm listening to the Pizzablogger, who says the pies have improved.  On the parking, I'm wondering about Renfield1969's suggestion that there is parking "just across and down the street via a connected sidewalk."  Where is that?

A comment originally tipped me to the new Red Pearl planned for the old Jesse Wong's Hong Kong space in Columbia.  Then, Kristi and Dzoey posted about meals at the two restaurants owned by the people opening Red Pearl.  Kristi has eaten at Far East in Rockville -- and says they have a "secret Chinese menu" and lots of food that she likes.
This is a restaurant where you can get the most Americanized dishes or the most authentic, but it will depend on your knowledge of Chinese dishes. Obviously if you go in and order the General Tso’s chicken or Orange chicken, it’s going to be Americanized. But choose one of the vegetable or seafood dishes, and you’re more likely to get a different sauce than you’re used to.
Nazar Produce has opened the first Turkish market around -- a broad array of Middle Eastern items, but a focus on Turkish stuff.  HowICook gave some great suggestions about items to buy and a cookbook to try them out.  Then two Anonymouses shared what seems like some experienced advice.  The first noted that halal beef cuts can be limited and that Nazar sells rib-eye and filet mignon.  The second said the baklava -- which I think it superb -- qualifies in his/her mind as average at best.  (If you're the first Anonymous, please email me because I would love a guest post aimed at Halal foodies. Someone else pointed out that the re-born Dobbin Donuts and Kabob Korner will have halal deli -- "It's very hard to find a halal roast beef sub.")

And there's more.  Definitely check out some comments, which have good information and might lead to old posts.  This isn't a comprehensive list, but I'm trying to highlight some recent ones that are worth the click:


Sarah said...

It's easy to be a halal foodie-- shop in the DC area :P

Awww, I didn't mean that. There is a new halal butcher over by Cuba de Ayer-- don't know anything about them but I caught the sign while passing by this past weekend.

Simply Organized - Beth Bracaglia said...

Fantastic blog - as usual! I will continue reading and suggesting. Mr. Bracaglia & I went to Facci's the other night. He loved the meatballs (and being from NJ, it's a must) and the lasagna. I had the Pappardelle with bolognese and it was great! We'll be back again. Good vibe, great service and prices are good.

Anonymous said...

Asia Supermarket in U.S. 40 in Catonsville, a little way inside the Beltway just past Mr. G's, has a prepared food counter where you can choose meats from the case off to the side containing freshly roasted duck, pork, and more. I don't know about soy chicken. If you have ever been to the market in Eden Center at Seven Corners in Va., where roast ducks and pig are sold, it's just like that market.

renfield1969 said...

Regarding the parking near Kloby's/Facci/Lapalapatoo/thatJapaneseplace. That shopping center is on the corner of Johns Hopkins Road and Montpelier Road. There is a sidewalk on both sides of Montpelier Road which connects the buildings in the business park to the shopping center. For those who want to walk across the road or use the crosswalk at the light at the Johns Hopkins Road intersection, the closest lot is at the day care center, with an even bigger lot at the building next to it. For those who don't want to deal with jaywalking/crosswalking, there is another lot a little further down on the same side of the street as the shopping center. None of the lots are more than a 2-3 minute walk away. The large Verizon lot directly behind the shopping center, and even connected with a set of stairs, is gated and off limits. The other lots, while technically private property, should be pretty empty on evenings and weekends and I don't see any of the businesses caring if a few people park there for a little while.

Anonymous said...

Sarah: that butcher has been there a long time now. The Chicken Basket next door also serves halal food. In that area, you might as well drive to Indus Halal Foods, though. They are the best in the area, imho.

the other Anonymous: on Fridays at about 5PM, Asia Supermarket also gets fresh Chinese baked goods shipments from New York Chinatown. Where the two overlap, I prefer these over their Korean baked counterparts. Sponge cake is excellent. By Saturday morning, they are no longer good, IMO. If you are familiar with NYC chinese bakeries, the style "imported" here is a little less Americanized than Fay Da. (it's from Golden King Bakery)

Anonymous said...

You're gonna have to quit your job pretty soon. ;-)

Adam from Grubgrade said...

Speaking of GH bakery, they are running a special right now where if you bring in a new guest, you can get 2 bucks off your order of $10 or more, plus your new guest gets a free loaf of white or honey whole wheat. As always, my favorite loaf continues to be their onion-dill rye. Sweet, moist and savory, it makes the perfect base for a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich.

I've also heard that Victoria Gastro Pub has recently updated their menu. Gone is the pork tenderloin salad and in is a new seared ahi tuna salad.

I'm still in Utah for another month for school, but I'm looking forward to hitting up some of the local places when I return for the summer. I'm also interested into finding out if any bakeries or restaurants are hiring part-time. Does anyone know of any? I have little experience, but am an active ‘foodie’ who is willing to learn…

Finally, I was looking over the new seasonal menu for Clyde’s of Columbia. Has anyone tried any of the new sandwich options?

Great work as always!

Anonymous said...

For Margaritas I'm a big fan of the $3 margaritas(on Thursdays) at Zapata's. Plus the found is tasty.