Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Link: Wilde Lake in Tales of Two Cities

Wordbones has a thoughtful defense of the current state of Wilde Lake village center on Tales of Two Cities.   I agree that vacant stores are never good, but the village center is well maintained -- a great place for local food if you like David's Natural Market, Bagel Bin, or Today's Catch.  (You can see links to them all in the right column.)


Anonymous said...

Howchow, the area is a ghetto. It's hidden, remote and a huge fail of a location. Please get out there and explore some "real" locations instead of these hole in the wall places that inevitably close within the year because they really aren't nearly as good as you claim them to be..


Steve Fine said...

HowChow. I just wanted you to know I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

HowChow said...

@ Anon. I totally agree that Wilde Lake is hidden and remote. Most of the village centers seem like tough locations for any business looking beyond a neighborhood pizza, cleaner, or liquor store.

But ghetto? You need to get out more if you think that qualifies as a ghetto. That centers is perfectly pleasant. All three of those places have been there for years, and they're worth a visit.

Lee Biars said...

Just the other day I was at the WL and saw a pimp and crackhead get into it over a dimebag.

But seriously, besides the lack of storefronts Wilde Lake is fine. Maybe they need a little invigoration from the addition of a proven draw, like a Whole Foods, Panera or Qdoba; something the other businesses could draw off of.

Stephanie Hughes said...

I grew up in Longfellow and went to Wilde Lake High, graduated in 1979. I remember when we would go hang out there after school and I loved the center. I have lived on the other side of Columbia since the 1980's but my mom still lives near Wilde Lake. I stopped going there once Produce Galore moved out. I agree that the village center holds little interest to me now and it feels isolated. What it needs is a facelift or a majoy chain store like our Harris Teeter to bring good foot traffic to those businesses trying to survive there. Unfortunately there is nothing there I can't get elsewhere so there is no need for a visit at this time.

Log your blog, just found it and hope to visit regularly! Stephanie from Kings Contrivance

Anonymous said...

Anon is right, Wilde Lake in general is the "ghetto" of Columbia, lol. Across the street from the village center is also an open air drug market.