Thursday, April 15, 2010

Link: Pure Wine Cafe in Ellicott City

Pure Wine Cafe is on my list of places to try, but Harriet from the Food & Wine Blog got her first for a wine lesson.  She describes the wine selections and talks up a cheese and charcuterie plate that is going to make this the next new place that I try.


Anonymous said...

Its a very small place, but I enjoyed the peach sangria. The servers are really friendly!

Matt Boyle said...

I went there Last week. It was really good but pretty over priced even for a wine bar. The server's were all very friendly, The Hummus was a little above par, the Chorizo Skewers really disappointing The Fig and Blue Flat bread was abosultely awesome, the Charcuterie and Cheese was really interesting too

BeerGuy said...

Its a really cool (tiny) space, owner guy was nice the one time I talked to him, decent cheese plate.

And a couple choice bottled beers for someone like me to stay happy with.

Should definitely check it out, at worst walk away after a glass of wine.

In the evenings there's usually a DJ there, kind of weird for such a small space.

MuSsang Jaeger said...

Pure is mine & my girlfriend's favorite place on Main Street.

AlPal3 said...

I went here last Saturday and it is very small, but I kind of like that because it means they don't have to hire a bunch of staff that can potentially ruin the vision they have for the place. We had the olives to start and while they weren't anything out of the ordinary they were good. Also had the fries, Prosciutto Flatbread, and one of the specials Beef Bourguignon. Fries were very tasty, Flatbread was fantastic,but it could have been better with more topping and less crust. The highlight though was the Beef Bourg and the carrots they served it with. Delicious and I told them they are crazy if they don't add it to the permanent menu. We had the Espresso Mousse for desert and it was gone in about five seconds. Yummy. The wine they recommended was great too although I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to wine. The wife and I had a great time and a solid meal.