Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baja Fresh in Dobbin Center: News?

An anonymous comment highlighted an online real estate ad that appears to be offering several slots at the Dobbin Center with the Wal-Mart in Columbia.

The comment says that one of the spots is the Baja Fresh.  Can anyone confirm?  Can anyone identify the stores referenced in the ad? I overlooked this a few weeks ago.


Katie said...

I went to the Panera in this same shopping center on Sunday for dinner and Baja Fresh had plenty of customers. From what I could see, it didn't appear to be closing anytime soon.

betsy said...

Exactly. I've never been there when it wasn't crowded. I would be shocked.

Steve Fine said...

There are several vacant spaces next to Baja Fresh. Perhaps this led to confusion. BTW there is a new Five Guys next to Baja Fresh that is not as busy as it should be. If you love burgers and fries, you should give Five Guys a try.

P90 Noir said...

Sure hope you guys are correct that baja isn't closing. The "black salsa" is the secret ingredient to my black beans!

Patrick said...

I used to work in the store that Baja Fresh now occupies when I was in High School (it was a Zi Pani back then, like Panera before Panera). The spots available in that ad are:
26 - Formerly Party! Party! Party! (used to work there too at one point), split into two properties with 5 Guys taking the smaller of the two.
32 - Baja Fresh, but it says available 10/01/2010 so maybe BF just hasn't reached an extension yet
45 - I don't know what's there now but it used to be a light store with fancy lamps that no one really needs
50-A - Part of what was formerly Tweeter. I don't think 50-B has anything in it right now but I guess it's been leased.

kam said...

Patrick: The lighting store just closed about a month ago, so there hasn't been anything since then.

We used to get them to order in some hard to find light bulbs. We should be able to order them online somewhere, but the people were very nice, and it was a cheerful place to visit on dark winter days.

To be more relevant to a food blog, I do hope Baja Fresh renews their lease. I don't make it very often but I really enjoy it when I do. Otherwise, Dobbin Center is starting to look not so well.