Monday, April 5, 2010

Blended Chai Tea Lattes at Sidamo

Go off menu at Sidamo's in Fulton to turn your latte into a warm-weather treat.

Blended chai tea lattes are Frappochino's by another name, and they taste as sweet.  They taste really good actually, and I only know because my cousin asked if the lattes on the menu could be blended with ice.  Who knew?

Sidamo is becoming my source for coffee.  I love bold coffees, but I have realized that I don't love Starbucks bitter taste.  Sidamo roasts currently at their DC store, and they're waiting for the roaster to be delivered to the Fulton branch.  They have two varieties that I love, and I'm alternating when I buy the whole bean pound bags.

The blended chai lattes are your "stop for a treat" option.  I'm pleased to see Sidamo's seats fill up, and I hope they can add a few outdoor tables as the weather warms.  This Maple Lawn may work out yet!


Matt Boyle said...

The Place has some of the best coffee beans I've ever bought.

Eric said...

I love this place. I prefer their large selection of loose teas. The flavors are the best. And when it is warm outside the will make them iced cold for you.

Amber F. said...

Sidamo was reviewed in the Post today: