Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nazar Going More Meat, Less Produce

The new Nazar Market is Columbia is bringing on the meats and dialing down the vegetables, according to HowICook.

Nazar opened just off Snowden River Parkway as a Middle Eastern market with Turkish concentration.  It opened as Nazar Produce Market, but the produce turned out to be less profitable than expected, the owners told HowICook.  Instead, HowICook reports that they have added a halal butcher:
The butcher is packaging the meat and putting it in the case next to the sausage. He's not good at labeling but one of the guys said wait a week or two when they really get going. The open air butcher and packaged meat is not what I'm use to at ethnic markets but it's cool. I still think this place has promise.
The new sign -- Nazar Market -- is up.  For more about Nazar, read my initial post and all the comments, including a long one from HowICook.  Don't leave with trying the soujouk to add to your scrambled eggs.


bmorecupcake said...

Keep checking Nazar in the coming weeks. They have another big change coming soon. Sorry HowChow, I promised them I wouldn't tell. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, you need to take a chart with you that shows the names of various cuts of beef and where those cuts are on the animal. Otherwise, the butcher has no idea what is what. I asked for flank and got top round. (But to their credit, they told me they had no idea. I only found out after I brought it back and someone more knowledgeable explained it to me.)