Friday, April 9, 2010

Unleash The Kraken

HowChow needs your help -- if you're going to Clyde's or Sushi Sono this weekend.

There is a great anonymous comment on an old post that says there is a sign on the former Jesse Wong's Hong Kong that says a new Chinese restaurant will open there.  This is the spot next to Sushi Sono on the lake in downtown Columbia.  Apparently, the sign says something like "Coming soon from the owners of Restaurant A and Restaurant B."

Unleash those HowChow readers.  The commentor apologized for not taking better notes.  Now, we need the information -- a cell phone photo of the sign, maybe the name of the place, what restaurants are mentioned there, what it looks like inside.  Please.   Please.  Please.

(Update: An hour later, we had the comments below.  The restaurant is going to be Red Pearl in Columbia.)


Unknown said...

Hi, HowChow,

The sign said the restaurant will be called "Red Pearl" and the owners also own "Far East" (Rockville) and "Jade Billows" (Potomac). I have not eaten at these restaurants, but reviews online suggest the cuisine there is more Americanized.

Hopefully, it will take a cue from surrounding authentic Hunan and Szechuan Chinese restaurants and take up the charge to represent authentic Southern Chinese cuisine in Howard County! I'm hoping this will be a great place for wedding banquets, particularly with that lovely scenery. If the owners of Red Pearl are reading this, cook authentic, awesome Southern Chinese cuisine and you'll already have a wedding banquet lined up for the next year. :-)

bmorecupcake said...

Sorry again, HowChow. That was me. I knew I should've snapped a pic, but I was still glowing from the great meal we just had. ;)