Monday, April 26, 2010

Schorr's Pickles at David's Natural Market

Special sandwiches deserve special pickles, and I'm captivated by the Schorr's Pickles at David's Natural Market in Columbia.

They may be available at the other Howard County organic groceries, but they're worth a drive wherever you have to go.  They're clean, fresh cucumbers turned into crisp pickles.  Hard for me to translate into words.  They're fresh, clearly pickled but still tasting more like vegetables than even the best supermarket spears.  They remind me of the pickle bar at Harold's in Edison -- the greatest compliment that I can pay to any Jewish-style deli food.

Pair Schorr's Pickles with a takeout corned beef sandwich from New York Deli in Columbia.  Or improve your grilling with pickles and a burger made from Laurel Meat Market's ground chuck.

If you are considering a stop at David's, check out all my prior posts about things to try.  Also check of Kevin & Ann Eat Everything where Kevin posted about David's lunch counter.


Anonymous said...

When you have to talk about pickles, you have run out of material.

Stephanie T said...

I love trolls. Almost as much as I love pickles.

Shut it, Anonymous. Pickles are amazing.

Rob said...

I love pickles too and appreciate the tip. If you ever get a chance, give Tony Packo's Sweet Hots a try. They are amazing.

s5 said...

I'll have to check the pickles out.

In other news, have you heard anything about Yogi Castle? I saw a sign in Ellicott City off of rt 40 but didn't see any indication of where it's located.

Lee Biars said...

So would they be considered half-done's? by your description that's what they sound like (literally half pickled). I'm not a pickle guy but my wife fell in love with half-done's in her native Philadelphia at the Italian market and hasn't been able to find anything close to the quality here. I might have to invest in a jar or 12.