Friday, April 2, 2010

Diamondback Tavern And Great Sage Win Sun Readers Favorite For Brunch Spots

As part of the Sun's package about Easter brunch spots, the Diamondback Tavern and Great Sage were two of the four restaurants named as "readers favorite brunch spots."

Diamondback is a casual place in Ellicott City where the Sun touts the eggs Benedict, French toast and shrimp with grits.  Great Sage is a Clarksville vegetarian landmark where the Sun suggests the "Monster Cinnamon Roll" or the "Chai French Toast."

(Update: In the comments, SarahKK astutely points out that Sun readers recommended those items.  Not a Sun reviewer.)

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SarahKK said...

Just to clarify, that's Sun readers suggesting those items (in reader reviews on, not Sun food writers. Not that those aren't good items or anything ... I'm sure they are lovely.