Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yama Sushi, Yogi Castle and Smokin' Hot Coming To Town

Time to catch up on some new places that people have mentioned.  No real reports yet from these places, but I'm interested.

Yama Sushi has opened in the Dorsey's Search Village Center in Columbia, according to Eric who had picked up a takeout menu and planned to try in the future.  (Update: Hoco Rising has already been to Yama twice and posted a rave.)

Yogi Castle will open selling frozen yogurt in the same shopping center as Sergio's Jewelers on Rte 40 n Ellicott City, according to K8teebug's comment on the Tutti Frutti post.

And there were signed last week for Smokin' Hot -- the barbecue place replacing Vesuvio's in Glenwood, according to Danita of the Land of Pleasant Living blog.  No signs yet, but Dana said her husband is very excited.

Thanks for the tips.  I'd love to hear if you try these joints.


Tom Coale (HCR) said...

I tried Yama Sushi (twice already!). Really liked it:

brandon said...

It looks like Yama Sushi's menu is up on Urbanspoon.

Emily said...

I (and a few of my co-workers later as well) have also visited Yama Sushi, but experience the exact opposite of HocoRising. We personally did not think the food was great, if any good (sorry to be harsh); the rice was too soft and the sushi just lacked flavor on the whole. Using the california roll as a very generic example, the imitation crabmeat, avocado, and cucumber were just loosely cut (very supermarket grocery store-like) and wrapped in rice. Although the ambience was nice, the waitress we had was slightly rude and that was a disappointment.

I would personally rather pay slightly more (although I don't find Yama to be less pricy as mentioned) at Sushi King or Sushi Sono for the quality.

On a different note, away from Hoco and speaking of sushi, a little place in College Park called Yami Yami has the creativity of both Sushi King and Sushi Sono and offers very inexpensive selections for the quality provided.

Kristi said...

I ate at the Yogi Castle in Gaithersburg and I wasn't impressed. The yogurt wasn't as tart as YogiBerry and the topping selection was limited. But they did offer more flavors of yogurt than other places.

pekkle said...

I tried Yama Sushi today for lunch. I got the sushi lunch special and it was very good! Fish was to rice ratio was very good and the fish was fresh and very well cut. Going to try some of their special rolls next time.

Unknown said...

Let me start by saying that my wife and I were absolutely thrilled when we discovered this place! We visited many times over the subsequent weeks and brought everyone we knew there. Both of us are transplanted west coasters and great fans of tart frozen yogurt.

The variety of yogurt here is astonishing, however we always got the same thing. The Yogi Castle Eurotart is simply the best frozen yogurt we've ever had. It's light, tart and, best of all, not only is it the best tasting and most refreshing choice, it has only 70 calories per 3 oz serving, which is 20 cal less than the next lightest yogurt, and half the calories of some of the heavier selections like peanut butter and red velvet. Compared to the Classic Tart it is lighter, more flavorful and more tart. Not to mention fewer calories. For fans of tart yogurt it is as good as it gets.

You can imagine my dismay when last I visited Yogi Castle only to find that they stopped carrying eurotart and replaced it with yet another fruit flavor. Worst of all, I was told by the manager that they would not be getting it back because they already had enough tart flavors. I understand that taste is subjective, however I find it hard to believe that a business that prides itself on healthy desserts and a myriad of choices would discontinue it's healthiest, lightest and most refreshing flavor and replace it with yet another fruit flavored yogurt.

Yogi Castle is a fantastic place that I'm sure any frozen yogurt fan will absolutely love. I encourage everyone to go. Just know that until eurotart comes back you will not be getting their best! It is because of this that I beg of you one simple thing. WHEN YOU GET TO THE REGISTER ASK WHO EVER IS BEHIND THE COUNTER WHEN EUROTART IS GOING TO BE BACK!!! If enough people ask maybe they will listen and Yogi Castle will be just a little better and healthier for it

Thanks for your help

Susie said...

Maybe Yama Sushi has improved since the April, 2010 postings. My husband and I and friends live in the neighborhood and have eaten there at least 6 times over the past few months and enjoyed it every time. I've had the best luck with rolls that started out as specials and are now on the new menu which appeared in the past few weeks. The Sweet Mom roll with lobster salad, avocado, and spicyish sauce is great.

The service has always been excellent. Many times other patrons will ask what you are having.