Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trolling: Indian Fish, Ethiopian Coffee, and Snacking On Rte 175 After Errands

I guess that I am HowChow.  I never actually said that I was "HowChow."  Blogger signs my posts that way, but I always thought of that as "blog owner" not a name.  Then I started mentioning "Mrs. HowChow," and the emails arrived addressed to "Mr. HowChow."

I spend some free time trolling Howard County for places to add spin and then pimp them on this Web site.    Guilty as charged.  What can I say?  I'm just curious.  Now, I'm hoping to start "Trolling on Tuesday" and invite you to share three things with other people looking for good food in Howard County.  Below is an explanation of the trolling project.  This is my first attempt at examples to follow:
Fish Angaar at House of India in Columbia.  A whole rockfish cooked in the tandoor over, served beautifully with charred skin and a delicious sauce laced with ginger.  The fish is moist and flavorful, and you use tongs to lift the fillets off the bone.  Then pick the delicious meat up near the head.  House of India is a real treat.
Yhrgacheffee coffee at Sidamo Coffee in Fulton.  I like bold, but not bitter coffee, and Sidamo's Ethiopian variety makes delicious cups.  Strong flavor.  No need for sugar.  At $12 a pound, it's pricey, but the steady jolt to my morning.  Sidamo offers a full coffee shop menu on Rte 216, but the whole beans are worth the trip.
Snacking after errands on Rte 175.  I always need something at Lowe's -- home repair, gardening, cleaning supplies.  You probably go to Costco or Target or Petco.  So reward yourself with a snack on your way to the next errand.  East on Rte 175, stop for tacos at R&R Deli or empanadas at El Patio Market.  South on Snowden, check out Bon Fresco's sandwiches.  South on Dobbin, get an Oh What A Cake cupcake.  West on Rte 175, consider circling around the mall to buy fish -- okay, not really a snack -- at Today's Catch.
Trolling on Tuesday is my attempt at a series where readers would share three things with other HowChow readers -- favorite restaurant dishes, food to buy, food experiences, etc.  Click here for the explanation and the rules.  Click here for all the Trolling posts.  Anyone is allowed to submit.

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Tom Coale (HCR) said...

This is great stuff, Mr. HowChow.