Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Union Jack's Columbia To Open March 12/13

Union Jack's in Columbia will open March 12 and 13 with a VIP party on March 11, according to a tweet from HoCo Tourism.

I'm not sure of the provenance because Union Jack's own Web site doesn't have the dates, but it seems legitimate.


Unknown said...

Yes, Union Jack's British Pub will open in Columbia on Friday, March 12, with a pre-opening party for anyone "in the know" on Thursday, March 11 at 7pm. Come join us for a DJ and dancing on 3/11 to celebrate our opening!!!! Full dining service will begin on 3/12. --Union Jack's

Trip Klaus said...

The Union Jack's Facebook page confirms the dates. BTW to be "in the know" you just have to fill out the request on the web page.

BeerGuy said...

Just swung by the Columbia Mall location tonight, its at that spot outside the mall where the Italian restaurant used to be.

I never went into the Italian place so I can't attest to the size but it didn't seem like a very big space although it was dark out and the lights weren't on inside, hard to tell much of anything.

Lots of parking with the two garages within walking distance and a lot nearby as well but nothing immediately in front.

I signed up for the list at the website to get into the Feb. 11th opening, not sure if I'll actually go (could be pretty noisy and crowded, two variables I generally can't stand) but at least my name's on the list now.

kam said...

That's Amore was deceptively large; it didn't look like a big space from the front but it kept going and going with more rooms in the back. Not sure how the new place is going to use the space.

The acoustics in the front dining room were terrible, though. We ended up in the corner near a window and we could hear everyone else's conversation really well. Not so much ours. Again, this could totally change depending on how Union Jack's is going to use the space.

Jen said...

Went to Union Jack's yesterday. Food was good and service was really good.

have to say, though, the best turkey club in Columbia is from that little takeout joint "Philly's Best"....

How Chow should do a post on takeout joints! There's tons of them in Columbia. Some of them are awful and some are great for particular items (sometimes you don't want to go out, and you don't feel like cooking or spending 35+ on carryoutmenu

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I ate there on the 19th. The service was friendly but awful. Completely disorganized. We had to wait for a table, no problem there, I left my phone number with the hostess and we went to the bar to wait. She called like 15 minutes later, we went to the hostess stand where we stood for another 10 minutes. She didn't know what she was doing or what was going on, that was obvious. We finally sat, our waiter seemed stressed but nice. The apps came out timely and were hot. My BF's entree was fine, he got the cottage pir and I had the fish and chips. Some of my fish was warm, some was cold.

I know just opened so I'm cutting them some slack. I'll go again but this ight be more of a bar & appetizer spot for me.

Cathy said...

We went there on April 4th, Easter, and it was pleasantly uncrowded. They really changed the entire layout compared to That's Amore (man, I miss that Chicken Vesuvio!)

But they really did a spectacular job on the interior. Lot's of character, and it's got a very nice patio area right along Little Patuxent Pkwy. The music was good, but too loud for my preference. A very spacious bar, and the TV's weren't very obnoxious (unlike Looney's.)

I thought the service was also quite good and attentive. We had the potato soup and chicken entree. The potato soup needed more potato - less leek which we suggested. And the chicken /mashed potatoes was very flavorful and a sizable portion. Unfortunately nothing on the dessert menu interested me, but we will be back in the future.

Louis Biggie said...

I went, and I was very disappointed. Very poor bangers and fish that were like fish-flavored chicken nuggets.

Anonymous said...

Yes Union Jacks is the talk of the town right now and they do have some good qualities like, location, decor, and size. Here are the down sides PRICES, your crab cakes are almost $30 bucks, your happy hour is not that happy to price and just because columbia has money does not mean you should take it all. You are limiting your clientele. Second you need more beer selection you are a pub so act like one. Rams Head, Victroias and Pheonix all have at least a 100 plus beers, so step it up JACK.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI: Union Jack's has improved drastically on their Happy Hour Specials ($2 Corona/Corona Lights, $3 domestic drafts, $4 glasses of wine, $4 rail drinks and margaritas), and they've gotten some good Happy Hour food deals. They also have some good live music and a nice patio now. The atmosphere's great, and the service is fantastic. @Brandon - from what I can tell, they've taken feedback seriously and they are stepping it up a lot.

Unknown said...

I went to Union Jacks this past Monday for Happy Hour. First of all they've done a great job w/ the interior. It's head and shoulders above the disjointed mess that was That's Amore.

They had decent drink specials for happy hour ($2 Caronas, $5 for certain drafts including Jacks there house brand which is just ok).

Now as far as calling this place a British Pub that's a bit of a stretch. There are a few dishes on the menu that you'd expect to find in a proper pub and maybe that's what I should have ordered.

My crew wanted wings which are definitely bar food. Unfortunately these things were barely edible. They were tiny, over cooked, dry, and really didn't have much flavor. I'm guessing they came flash frozen off the back of Sysco truck and were cooked with all the care of McD's fries.

Now keep in mind this is a fairly limited review so other dishes might be great. I just tend to worry when a bar can't get bar food right.

BTW, still haven't found any wings locally that compete w/ the huge, juicy morsels served up at Ellicott Mills.

Anonymous said...

My group had a business networking thing there just last Thursday. The pizzas we ordered were very good (the margherita pizza was especially good), the chicken fingers were great (good sauces, too) and the wings were fantastic.

All bar food, of course, but good enough to make me come back for a full dinner.

Also, they had Kilkenny beer, an Irish cream ale with a head that's similar to Guinness. I'm surprised to even see it here in the States (we had it in Ireland in the late 90s), but am very glad to see it!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is Anonymous again (the one from the "business networking" comment).

We went to UJ's again, this time for a full dinner before the movie. Wasn't nearly as crowded as it should have been .. this place needs a shuttle running back and forth from the movie theater. We walked it, and while the walk was nice, it was kinda long.

To the food: Wife had a burger, medium-rare, with the English Cheddar and bacon (no egg). It actually came out medium-rare, and it was very good. Shoestring fries were very good, but as what usually happens with shoestrings, they got cold rather quick (not UJ's fault my wife doesn't eat quick enough).

I had the fish and chips, on the recommendation of the waiter. I liked them because the batter is the same as they use on the chicken fingers appetizers .. nice, light, yet flavorful. They had pub-size fries with this dish, too -- a pleasant surprise to see a place serve two kinds of fries!

Service was good and attentive, and the aforementioned Kilkenny beer made the experience an enjoyable one. We'll be back.

This place ain't Victoria, but it's a great alternative (and a bit less expensive, too).