Monday, March 8, 2010

Pars Market in Columbia

Middle Eastern grocery stores are popping up in Columbia like crocuses in March.  (Lord, I hope those crocus pop soon!)

Pars Market opened last week on Snowden River Parkway in the same shopping center as Azul 17 and Nichi Bei Kai.  This is a small store where the owner is still filling the shelves, but it -- like the Nazar Produce Market that opened last weekend -- is already a resource for breads, spices, canned goods, and little treats like Turkish yogurt drinks and Iranian fruit rollups.

For now, Pars has basic supplies to cook Middle Eastern food -- rice, lentils, bulgar wheat, spices, yogurt, etc. -- and an array of packaged items like pickles, grape leaves and even rose water.  You can buy lavash and other breads, and there is a small refrigerated/frozen section.  Check out the fruit rollups in the display by the counter.  They're Iranian and quite delicious.

Pars' owner seems really nice and enthusiastic.  I picked up a bag of dried rose buds and brought them to the counter to ask what I would do with them.  He said that he didn't know.  So he called his sister on a cell phone, and we figured out together that they're used in teas and cooking for the rose aroma.  He talked up the hookahs and peach tobacco, which I have to admit smelled delicious.
If you're looking for ethnic grocery stores, you can see my 2009 post about them -- although I need to update now that Pars, Nazar and Columbia Halal Meat have opened.

Pars Market
9400 Snowden River Parkway
Columbia, MD  21045

NEAR:  This is in the shopping center on Snowden River with Azul 17 and Royal Pizza.  This is south of Rte 175 and Oakland Park Boulevard.  Pars is right next to Royal Pizza.


leila said...

enter to pars market and shop,then you will enjoy it.......i already enjoyed my shops......

brandon said...

Had the same experience with the owner. He was so excited about the store that he probably talked with my wife and I for about 15-20 minutes showing us how everything was set up and answering questions about what you can do with the various products.

Anonymous said...

I just went to Nazar! They didn't have a whole lot on the shelves, and the owner said they would be getting more stuff (especially meats, organic chickens, etc) in the next few weeks. I highly recommend buying some of the fresh homemade baklava in the display case at the front. They had about 6 different styles of baklava, and you could get it by the piece or by the pound. It was very delicious!

Anonymous said...

I am persian I love going to pars market they have everything I am looking for and prices were right it was my 4th time I shopped there in past 2 weeks!

Anonymous said...

When I learned such a store as Pars Market opened up in Columbia, I go and purchase items of good qualities with very reasonable prices. on the other hand it is educational and I am learning a lot how other culture and their way of life is.
The store owner is a young man who is friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and professional.
He wants to help and likes to express what Persian families have so many delcious foods and even explains what is the use of the items they carry and their benefits for human cosumption. Any time I go and visit Pars Market I learn and gain experiences about the Persian food which is known to us and we love it. Where ever there is gathering related to Persian dishes we like to join the crowd and enjoy real delicious food.
I recommend Pars Market to anyone who cares about his health.
hjnb MD
June 07 2010

@GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian said...

i'm looking for a source to get good gyro meat at a market. i have an idea for a gyro app to take to parties and buying the meat from kabob & carry out places is too expensive. any suggestions?

also, i'm curious.. most blogger pages have an "about me profile" i'm curious about our excellent blog author? who is this masked foodie? or have i just not read enough?