Monday, March 15, 2010

Link: The Sun Reviews Portalli's

Portalli's got a positive review from the Sun's Richard Gorelick on Sunday -- calling the place "pretty loveable" and saying that talking up what Gorelick describes as American versions of Italian classics.

Many people have commented about the Ellicott City restaurant on a former post, and one of its owners Lee Biars wrote a post that I called "Thoughts From The Other Side Of The Check."


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for those guys. I remember when they first opened they took a bit of a pounding online, but it seems they've made some great progress. I haven't eaten there yet but now I'm looking forward to trying it.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those who gave Portalli's grief a few months ago. Lee and Evan invited us to try the place again and we did. Portalli's has indeed improved beyond expectations in the last few months. The service is topnotch --- better than in any restaurant I've eaten in in a long time ---- and we go out a few times a week. We tried their fish entrees and they did not disappoint. We will try the meat dishes next time. This is now our new 'special' neighborhood restaurant. For a more casual meal, go to the Diamondback Tavern, owned by the same people. The burger is nice and juicy.
--- Leah

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how often they do this, but I at at the bar in Portallis the other night (Saturday October 16) and they had HALF PRICE bottles of wine. So it was an absurdly cheap dinner considering the quality of the food. I will definitely keep coming back if that is a regular bar special.