Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Naftal And Sidamo In Dining At Large

The Sun's Dining At Large is tracking out the Howard County regularly this week.  First, Laura Vozzella posted about Jordan Naftal's new plan to sell Caesar salads with steak and shrimp from a truck.  Then, she posted about Sidamo in Fulton and its Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

I'm all for the pageantry of Sidamo's Sunday coffee ceremony, but you should really go for the coffee.  Immediately after posting about how a tour of coffee shops had left me pleased but ambivalent, the flavors at Sidamo captured my imagination.  It has become my place for beans -- and a place for an afternoon snack.

(Update:  Dara Bunjon has more about Naftal's idea on the Examiner.  He is aiming to sell the grilled caesars and creme brulee from the parking lot of a major company or a hospital.)

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Jen said...

The Caesar salad truck is a great idea. It is nice to see someone in Hoco jump on the "gourmet roach coach" train and bring us quality food, served quickly. I hope it works and the location schedule is well-advertised.