Monday, March 29, 2010

Kabob Skewers at Pars Market

Kabobs are within your reach -- and won't fall apart when you try to take them off the grill -- if you grab a few thick metal skewers at the new Pars Market in Columbia.

Thin skewers work fine for vegetables, but you can't thread a ground meat kabob on a pencil-sized piece of metal.  They fall apart when you try to lift them.  That's why Pars sells inch-wide skewers for a few dollars each -- either as a package or individual skewers.

For an easy night, you can also buy the Sadaf ground kabob seasoning at Pars, mix it with some ground beef or lamb, and make the long thin kabobs that you see in the photograph.  Those -- made with ground chuck from the Laurel Meat Market -- cooked as simply as hamburgers and came off the grill beautifully.  

I'm looking for some recipes to make kabobs from scratch, maybe with some lamb from the butcher at Columbia Halal Meat Market or Caezar International Market in Elkridge.  Just a short Google search turned up seasonings from Indian to Lebanese.

(Update: Check out Brandon Miller-Milhouse's comment below linking to a recipe for Indian lamb kabobs.)

(Update II: Also, I assume that "David" and "Joseph" below are fake comments.  Not that there is any substance to the comments, but I think it is only fair to point out that I appear to have someone posting vague compliments about Pars and insults about a competitor.  I was one insult away from erasing all the comments, but those seem to have stopped.  If I'm wrong, then "David" or "Joseph" are welcome to email me directly.  Update III;  The fake comments continue, so I erased them all.)


Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Odd that you post this today. Good Eats last night was the Lamb Tikka Masala episode where he makes his own fresh ground Garam Masala and costructed a Tandori oven with a charcoal grill and an un-glazed big clay flower pot. These are the type of skewers Alton used and you have to use to do it correctly. I was taking notes and now I know where to get the Skewers.

Brandon Miller - Milhouse44 said...

Here is the recipe Alton Brown made last night complete wih Garam Masala Recipe:

David said...

their kabob on the pic looks so yummy, I need to go check them out and see what else they got, I heard the are so great!

BeerGuy said...

Inquiring minds want to know what your grill setup is.

HowChow said...

Mid-level gas grill. They're enormous these days. We got this one at The Great Outdoors in Rockville. They had one really flimsy looking cheap one. This was the second-smallest, and it has four burners.