Monday, December 19, 2011

Pub Dog In Columbia -- Pizza, Beers And All The Drinks Come In Pairs; Is This How Bars Work Now?

Bars are so much better now than when I was a regular in younger days -- no smoke, better beer and much better food.

We re-engaged with bar life last weekend with dinner at Pub Dog in Columbia.  They brew their own beers, and they serve a limited menu that plays to their strengths.  By limited, I mean pizza.  They serve pizzas, a few appetizers like hot pretzels, and a few salads as well.

That's good pizza.  It's a thin crust with terrific toppings.  We had a "Fox & Hound" that came with mozzarella and smoked gouda, then sliced red pepper, sausage, and mushrooms.  No one scrimped on ingredients.  Smoked gouda gave a unique flavor, and everything else had the taste and look of fresh food.

The pizzas run $8-10 for 10-inch pies.  We actually split our pizza and an order of hot pretzels.  Most people could probably finish off their own.  I saw several that looked terrific -- two white pizzas, several with barbecued or grilled chicken, and the "Spinach Pizza" that sounds healthy but pairs the green stuff with mushrooms and bacon.  Personally, I prefer the crust cooked crisp (even charred like Facci), but Pub Dog has a soft-crust style that works.

I also liked the beer.  I laughed at myself when our waitress arrived with two beers.  That would have seemed awesome in my volume-drinking days, but my first reaction was "Why?"  Honestly, they're small mugs.  A happy hour bargain at $3.50.  But it's not two pints.  Even I cheerfully drained two mugs of the hoppy IPA.  Not the bitter revelation of my favorite Flying Dog Raging Bitch, but a refreshing craft beer that matched nicely with pizza and pretzels.

Pub Dog qualifies as a bar because of how it limits its menu and how it picks and dresses the waitresses.  But this is a fun place to eat.  The pizza is worth a drive.  There is an entire run of booths, and they have outdoor seating -- which is dog friendly to go with the name.  On a Friday night, I didn't see kids, but I assume it's fine to drop in for pizza with little ones earlier in the day.  Even on a weekend evening, this was a placid, adult crowd.

Pub Dog isn't connected with the short-lived Dog House Pub & Grill that operated in Long Reach village center.  The original location is actually on Federal Hill in Baltimore.

Pug Dog
8865 Stanford Boulevard
Columbia, MD 21045

NEAR:  Pub Dog is in a shopping center just off Dobbin Road south of Rte 175.  This is the center with Noodles Corner and Hanamura Sushi.  Mango Grove is renovating space a few doors down.  From Rte 175, turn south on Dobbin Road.  Turn left on Stanford Boulevard, then right into the shopping center.

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Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

We love going to Pub Dog to watch Eagles games, since the local stations don't usually carry them. Great pizza, and the beers are decent too. I usually get either the Baja Chihuahua or the Wing Dog pizza, with bacon (of course)

EastCoastMatt said...

it's been way to long since I've gone to pubdog. this will get me back out there :)

they also have a location in federal hill in baltimore.

Porter said...

If you like your beers on the hoppy side, next time try the Imperial. It's more aggressively hopped than the Hoppy (though no replacement for that lovely "Bitch" from Flying Dog).

Anonymous said...

"Pub Dog qualifies as a bar because of how it limits its menu and how it picks and dresses the waitresses."

I have never been to Pub Dog. How are the waitresses dressed there? Do they wear revealing clothes? And do they only pick women who are stunning and with fantastic bodies to work there? If that is the case, then I will need to start going there.

HowChow said...

@Anon -- It's nothing outrageous. It's just young women in very short shorts. Go for the pizza and beer. I only pointed out the dress code because I was thinking about why I was describing Pub Dog as a bar.