Saturday, December 10, 2011

Link: Cool Story On Crab Meat In The Sun

If you're interested in Maryland food, check out Richard Gorelick's story about jumbo lump crab meat and how the recent demand has changed the way restaurants buy crab.

Bottom line: People have come to demand jumbo lump so much that most restaurants buy Venezuelan or Indonesian crab rather than serve a local product.  Gorelick talks to people who prefer the Maryland crab.  Then he followed up with two blog posts about how he thinks the "jumbo lump" craze started and a Maryland company that sells packages that contain meat from the whole crab.

I certainly think that I can tell the difference.  I buy Maryland crab at Laurel Meat Market because the sweet flavor makes special meals.  I pass on the Venezuelan packages because I'd rather cook something else.  Bland crab cakes are still bland.

The package of story and blog posts is a great example of how newspapers could take advantage of the Web.  They can have the main story and then niche blog bites with the real information that only comes from effort and reporting.  It's too bad that the Sun's Web site is so cluttered and crazy.


Marcia said...

I saw this in the paper and thought it really was an interesting article. I only buy Maryland crabmeat - well, it tastes better and I know nothing weird has happened to it.

s5 said...

do you know anything about the ice cream shop/hot dog cart opening in old EC?